Day 9: Your Favorite Line(s) by a Male Third Wheel Character

I don’t really have an intro for this one other than the above photo. I think this entire dialogue speaks for itself, and it really needs no other introduction. Now, please excuse me while I attempt to dry away my tears with the handful of tissues I have left.

In episode 19, Yi Soo (Jung Il Woo) takes Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won) for a walk by a river, and tells her what’s been weighing on his heart:

I waited five years to meet you. To tell you that I loved you, that I never for one moment had feelings for anyone else, to say ‘Let’s marry.’ But not now — the things I want to tell you have changed. I loved you until then. Starting from now, I won’t love you. Because I didn’t want to leave you with only hurt, I waited for five years, wanting you to forget me and be happy.

Yi Kyung protests and vows to go with him.

We can’t leave together. Even if you choose death to follow me, that moment will be our final farewell. That’s what death is.

She protests and says that this world is too hard to endure.

Endure it for my sake. I have to let you go so that I can be happy in my next life. If you’re suffering, my heart will break and it won’t heal. I may be reborn as a selfish, bad-tempered man, and unable to receive love or give it, and I might live a miserable life. Let’s throw away these rings.

She protests once more.

Throw it away. It doesn’t have any meaning anymore. It was merely a token to clear away our past misunderstandings.

*throws his ring away into the waters*

You know now how precious you were to me. You weren’t thrown away, you were the most important person to me. An incredible person. And so, you’ll become someone else’s incredibly precious person. Promise me that for my sake, you’ll be happy. So that I can leave this world without regrets, so I can start over in the next life. Yi Kyung, be happy for my sake.

She cries that she’s never offered anything to him in return for all that he’s given to her.

Pay it back to the person who loves you. Instead of to me, give it to him.

With that, he brings her close for a final goodbye kiss, before turning and walking away.


I’m trying to type through the tears, but I’m finding it difficult to do so. This moment was so heartbreakingly sad, yet it was such a satisfying goodbye speech. Theirs is the romance to top, and one that I will forever remember. Thanks to writer So Hyun Kyung for sharing such wise words, and to Jung Il Woo and Lee Yo Won for acting their hearts out. *sob*

*Random sidenote: Wow, speak of the devil. Jung Il Woo just tweeted a photo of himself with his adorable dog!*

Sources: Dialogue translated by javabeans and viki subbers. Photos from SBS’s 49 Days Page


3 thoughts on “Day 9: Your Favorite Line(s) by a Male Third Wheel Character

  1. i hope there will be 49 days season 2 and 3 that continue the story that hasn’t finish yet!!!! season 2 it would be the love story between song yi kyung and hang kang…and ended with their child..but die when their child still little…maybe after 15 years later..the child grow up..and the 49 days season 3 is the story about the grow up child…when they grew up..they will look alike jung il woo and nam gyu ri..but jung il woo and nam gyu ri is rich..their parent leave many wealth before they die..jung il woo will manage the haemido project..while nam gyu ri still study in the korean university..there she will meet jo hyun exchanged student from paris that come to korea to find his mother..lee yo won is come from poor she work as a maid at jung il woo and nam gyu ri mansion..she have a fight with jung il woo before she work at the mansion..she doesn’t know that jung il woo is her boss..after that jung il woo started too call the maid leader and ask about the new maid..the maid leader said all the maid has arrived and begin to working since yesterday..jung il woo said greats..and ask to make him an orange juice..he want one of the new maid send it..after a few minute..lee yo won come with the orange juice and she suprise to see the man that have fight with her before..the orange juice droped infront of jung il woo..jung il woo stand up and begin to scold her..lee yo won doesn’t dare to lift her head..but jung il woo get mad and touch lee yo won head and lift it up..he then suprise and laugh loudly..lee yo won ask why he laugh?…that all for today..i’ve tired..i will continue the story if you all like it….bye

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