Cast Of Ripley Teases By Providing Some Eye-candy

With May 30th fast approaching, the cast of Ripley are hard at work to film as much as they can before the first episode premieres. I must say that I wasn’t too interested in this drama a few weeks ago, but after seeing these new still-cuts, my excitement meter just went up a notch or two. What can I say? A drama addict needs more crack and can never get enough of it. And experts will tell ya that abstinence will do nothing but increase the longing for more more more!

Lee Da Hae will be playing Jang Mi Ri, whose childhood is bleak and full of tragedy. Orphaned as a child, she’s distrustful of people. She’s very confident in herself and is also quite straightforward. She leads a pretty dreary life, and the next three stills below are proof of what kind of work she has to do to make a living. In order to pay off her stepfather’s debts and to lighten the monetary problems, Mi Ri works as a bar hostess.

Here, however, she plots her escape. And we’ll find out in the first episode what happens next.

Here’s a couple more of LDH as Mi Ri:

Somewhere along the line, after getting out of the bar industry, Mi Ri meets Jang Myung Hoon (Kim Seung Woo), her new director at the hotel she’s working at. He’s described to be ambitious, calm, and charismatic. He initially doesn’t like Mi Ri, but later falls in love with her.

Now here’s a sight full of cuteness! In this scene, Micky‘s Yutaka and Kang Hye Jung‘s as Na Hee Joo go to a baseball game for a date. Yutaka is supposed to be a “perfect man” aka the Prince Charming that’s the heir to the resort Mi Ri works at. Opposite of Mi Ri is Hee Joo, an introverted, quiet, and innocent woman. She likes Mi Ri and the two were “sisters” back at the orphanage they grew up in.

The crew actually filmed at a Korean baseball game between the Nexen Heroes and Kia Tigers. Both Micky and Kang are baseball fans, and so they immersed themselves into the game, cheering and enjoying themselves whilst filming.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite for Ripley, I don’t know what will. Tune in to Ripley’s premiere on MBC on Mondays-Tuesdays, starting on May 30th.

Photos: MBC Ripley Official Website and allkpop


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