Romance Town Spoiler Photos For Episode 5

Spoiler photos are out for Episode 5! Wheeeeeee! More Jung Kyeo Woon photos to help me get through the week. And hubba hubba, this guy makes me all dreamy. After looking at these photos, I’m curious to know what’s going to happen next, because this drama has elements of mysteries that make it quite intriguing. But instead of revealing the released spoiler for episode 5, which I didn’t read anyway, I’m going to play a guessing game with what photos I’ve got here. It will be interesting to see just how close — or how far-stretched — my imagined dialogue/scenarios are from the actual episode. Heh. Ready to play?

Disclaimer: endodo isn’t a very witty person, and actually sucks at pictionary. Please help her out and make up some better dialogue before the fifth episode airs in 24 hours, just for fun. (But she’ll understand if no one else wants to play.) She doesn’t know why she’s referring to herself in third person right now, but admits that she sometimes likes doing so, just for the hell of it.

Hwang Yong: Hehehe. Going on a vacation tomorrow, so that girl Soon Geum won’t be able to come with me with all her emotional problems. I am sick and tired of being a confidante. It’s hard work, dude.

Young Hee: Yo.

*chatter chatter chatter*

Young Hee: What? *innocent look* I tripped. Guys can trip and fall just as well as girls can, you know.


Mr. and Mr. Kang are on vacation at a resort:

Yoon Joo: I refuse to be a stepmother for my husband’s illegitimate son. Must. Exercise. To. Relieve. Stress. If I go back home with more wrinkles than I came here with, I’m going to turn and bite someone’s head off. That someone will be ____________.

Hwang Yong: Madam Kang! Madam Kang!

Yoon Joo: Oh, hello! What a coincidence! What are you doing here?  *flashes pearly whites* Wait hold on, let me get out of the pool (so I can show you my sexy legs that I’ve been tanning at the salon recently).

(endodo: Oh my God. These photos are gorgeous. Please take me on this vacation too! Now!)

They talk for a while. He makes her laugh, but then the conversation takes a serious turn.

He asks her a question, or confesses something.

She doesn’t want to hear it, so she turns around, leaving him behind.


Tae Won: Ah, I finally have a chance to relax and be away from my two sons. Yes, that’s my tattoo. You got a problem with it? Hmph. A shady past? Pfft. I don’t care if you know, just don’t tell my wife.

Tae Won: While I wait for Hwang Yong, I might as well get a nice massage. And show off my nice tattoo for the viewers.

*Silence is golden*


What’s a girl gonna do with 10 billion won? Go shopping for clothes, of course!

Soon Geum: Yay! I can finally try on clothes that are super expensive without caring about the costs! It’s a good thing no one in the neighborhood shops around here, or else I’ll be recognized.

Gun Woo: Wow, what a babe. But she looks familiar. Hmm. Where have I seen her before?

Soon Geum: I sense a presence behind me….

*turns around* Oh. Crap.

Gun Woo: What the hell are you doing here, wearing that designer brand? You can’t even afford that kind of clothes. Do you even know how much that costs? And what happened to your short hair? Did you get hair extensions? Oh my god, and what’s that on your face? Make-up?

Soon Geum: *gulp and swallow*

Dun dun dun…

endodo: I can never be a future scriptwriter. Never! *headdesk*

Photo Credits: Romance Town Official Website


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