Chun Jung Myung Will Undergo Surgery

So I guess this backbone injury is pretty serious. After injuring his spinal cord during the filming of The Duo, Chun Jung Myung was unable to get proper treatment because there was still two weeks of filming left. Now that his drama has wrapped up, he’s finally able to get the much-needed care that he needs.

Physicians have already told him that this injury could potentially be fatal, but he decided to persevere through the pain by taking painkillers during the shoots. He’ll be receiving surgery tomorrow, and will spend time to recover.

Oh PIE, please get better. As much as I love you in dramas, I’m more than happy to hear that you’re no longer filming for Duo, because you can finally rest peacefully.

I’m sending happy thoughts and optimistic prayers that the surgery will be successful and that this backbone injury will not affect him for the rest of his life. I’m sure he’ll have to go through therapy treatments after the surgery to overcome the pain.

Source: Soompi and MBC’s The Duo Official Website


6 thoughts on “Chun Jung Myung Will Undergo Surgery

  1. Oh God! poor CJM! I’m so glad his drama is finally over so he can go into treatment which he got postponed for a whole friggin week?! 😦 ……… but this also means we wont be seeing him onscreen again for a while again

    • That’s true. He probably needs several months of therapy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he took an entire year off, but knowing him, he’ll probably be looking at new projects while he’s taking a break. I’m sure he gets a lot offers, so who knows, maybe he’ll be back sooner than we think. I just hope he takes care of his health first, because projects can wait. One’s personal welfare always comes first.

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