Romance Town Episode 6 Spoiler Photos (And More of 5)

Alright, alright. So no one played the game with me for episode 5. But that’s perfectly okay because I’m sure all of you were just rendered speechless from the photos, especially the ones that included a certain person with the last name of Jung. I haven’t had the chance to watch episode 5 yet, though after hearing the squeals of a certain blogger, sounds like the drama is still on a roll and moving quite nicely in the romance department. Which is a very good thing, given that the word “romance” is part of this drama’s title.

So instead of doing my own imagined dialogue from these photos, I’m just going to comment on a few of them. Even though I can probably guess what will happen in episode 6 even without having watched 5, I’ll refrain from doing so. It’s been a longgggg day for me.

I guess that now you’re a billionaire, there’s nothing better to do with your money than go on a huge shopping spree. I know I would. Speaking of shopping, I haven’t bought new clothes in months. *adds shopping to to-do list*

Sung Yuri is gorgeous. Sigh.

Hmm, I guess we end episode 5 at the mall and pick up 6 right when Gun Woo sees Soon Geum. I wonder if he recognizes her, but I’m going to bet no, just ’cause that would be such a stereotypical turn in the plot line. Oh, and Jung Kyeo Woon has very kissable-looking lips. Just sayin’.


Ah, Jung Kyeo Woon. I want to hug you for no other reason other than I want to touch you. Rawr!

That’s a lot of beer. *grabbity* Hey, it’s been a long day for me, remember? I think I deserve one. Actually, I’d much prefer green tea instead.

I know I’m going off on a tangent here, but speaking of green tea, I went to a restaurant tonight and was trying to order some green tea ice cream for dessert. But y’know what happened? They were out. Of green tea ice cream. Which is one of my faves. So I had to settle for some mocha ice cream instead. Me, bitter? Oh no, definitely not! Hmph.

Bromance. For. The Win. These two are really hitting it off, yeah? Lovin’ it!

Oh my God, puppy eyes. Don’t do that. Please. AHHHHHH!!!! *flails*

Be still my heart. MINE!

I usually don’t like my lead actors with scarves, but you’re rocking it, dude!

Seriously, can you two stop being so damn cute? My heart can’t stand this! Dammmmmmmiiiiiiiiitttttttt!!!

Spazz x a trillion bajillion million whatchoomacallit infinity.

Now for some BTS shots!

Edit: These are actually from episode 5

If I were Sung Yuri, I would be doing more than pointing a finger at my male co-stars. I’d be grabbing them and keeping them hostage until the Second Coming!

Oh God, oh God. We’re doing a role reversal now? I swear to God, if this is just a dream sequence and not an actual scene in the drama, I’m going to feel a little cheated. But mmm Jung Kyeo Woon in a butler’s outfit. Me likey!

Fact: Kim Min Joon is adorable.

Fact: Sung Yuri’s dress is adorable.

Fact: I’d like to sit on Kim Min Joon myself. Among other things. Ahem.

I wants the dress. I wants it!

More dress envy. By the way, where the heck is Min Hyo Rin in any of these spoilery photos?

Photo Source: KBS’s Romance Town Official Website


One thought on “Romance Town Episode 6 Spoiler Photos (And More of 5)

  1. “Oh, and Jung Kyeo Woon has very kissable-looking lips. Just sayin’”
    LOL, i love you!!!!

    and the scarves, i’ll just resign now and focus on the person himself, kyaaaa
    you’re not the one feeling the lack of da kyum here. i love min hyo rin and wish for more of her.

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