Chae Dong Ha Commits Suicide By Hanging

My heart hurts after hearing this piece of news.

Former SG Wannabe member, Chae Dong Ha, committed suicide earlier today and his body was discovered in his home. His agency wasn’t able to get a hold of him after he came back from his Japanese promotions, and immediately notified officials. Apparently he’s been depressed for a while, and it’s been speculated that his depression arose ever since his former manager, one of his closest friends, committed suicide back in 2009. He was pronounced dead on the spot after officials founds him in his home.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his entire family and fans. I honestly can’t believe that another Kpop celebrity singer has chosen the path of suicide. It was just a few days ago when news of an anchorwoman committing suicide broke out and now this. Um yeah, I don’t know what else I can say that would be appropriate. May you rest in peace, Chae Dong Ha. You’ll be missed.

For those of you who didn’t grow up listening to SG Wannabe and have never heard of Chae Dong Ha, here’s a YouTube clip of him singing “How Can I Forget” from his last album, Essay.

Source: Siwon’s tweets, allkpop and naver


3 thoughts on “Chae Dong Ha Commits Suicide By Hanging

  1. Realmente una pena… un gran cantante, mucha fuerza a su familia, amigos y fans, espero que paremos con estas noticias de celebridades kpop en torno al suicidio, todo problema se puede arreglar…. mucha fuerza… aunque aun no puedo creer que haya pasado esto

    • I had a friend translate for me what you wrote, Elena. What I got was this: “It’s a real shame, he was a great singer. May his family, friends and fans remain strong. I hope that this news of kpop celebrities committing suicides stops, all problems can be resolved. Strength be.. i still can’t believe this happened.”

      I feel your pain. I’m still numb and shocked as I type this. May your request be heard, and maybe the number of celebrity suicides will decrease over the years.

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