Kim Sae Ron Is An Utterly Adorable Bookworm For Elle Girl

You have no idea how happy I am after seeing these photos of little Kim Sae Ron for Elle Girl. I absolutely love this preppy, sophisticated look on her. I used to think to myself, oh she’s just a doll, but my affection for her escalated after seeing her in her recent project, Can You Hear My Heart. She nailed her role and was absolutely perfect as the child version of Bong Woo Ri, so I’m now a huge fan. I personally think she’ll turn out to be like a Moon Geun Young of the early 2000’s, and there’s no doubt in my mind that she’ll hit it big later during this decade.

Child actress Kim Sae Ron shot to fame after starring with Won Bin in last year’s movie, Ajusshi, which was also screened across the U.S in select theaters renamed The Man From Nowhere. She gained critical acclaim for her role, and can be last seen in Can You Hear My Heart, which I mentioned above.

In these photos that will appear in the June edition of Elle Girl, Kim Sae Ron dons a mature look and transforms into a bookworm. During the shoot, she was energetic and spirited, even though the photoshoot lasted late into the night. The hair extension and make-up that she’s wearing somehow makes her look a little older than 12 years of age, don’t you think?

So besides getting the adorable eye-candy in these stills, the message I obtained was, “Read more books!” Who can say no to that? Except I don’t think I’d choose a book like “The End of History” the next time I’m at a bookstore or library. Heh.

Sources: naver and allkpop


One thought on “Kim Sae Ron Is An Utterly Adorable Bookworm For Elle Girl

  1. I love the first and last pictures, and I’m completely in love with the concept, as a bookworm myself. We should all definitely read more books. Maybe you’d prefer to give the one titled “UFO” a shot? ^_~

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