Oh Ji Ho For Esquire

Yummy! Here’s Oh Ji Ho‘s latest photoshoot with Esquire Magazine. I have nothing to say except that if Oh Ji Ho acted as hot as he looks, then all the other Korean actors out there better be prepared to do battle. Alas, life is not fair, and I’d much rather see this guy stand as a mannequin than *whispers* casted as another male lead for a drama. Granted, I know he’s hot, but the hotness lost its appeal for me when he acted like a block of wood for Chuno. Acting really isn’t his forte, but modeling sure is!

That isn’t to say that I won’t watch him in another project; I’m just a much happier dodo when all I have to do is look at the eye-candy for a couple minutes, instead of being forced to endure an entire show full of bad acting. Who knows? Maybe he’s taken a few acting lessons to improve since the last time I saw him, and is eyeing a good project for the future. Knock on wood, anyone?

Source: Naver


3 thoughts on “Oh Ji Ho For Esquire

  1. ~swoon~ @ the first pic. Love the angle, the composition, the lighting. Oh, and the hot guy wearing a great ensemble. You know, just so I don’t sound *too* dorky. heh

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