Six Hot Actors Suit Up For GQ Magazine

Mmm. Six of Korea’s hottest actors come together for a collaborative shoot for a GQ pictorial spread, wearing the specially designed suits by Nina Ricci. I think my favorite photo has got to be the one above of Lee Jung Jin, the last of whom I saw was in last year’s Runaway: Plan B. Man, he just looks so freaking good. *grabbity*

The rest of the boys aren’t looking too shabby themselves. The other spiffy guys include Go Soo, Yoon Kye Sang, Kim Kang WooKim Sang Kyung, and Park Hae Il.

So along with Lee Jung Jin pictured above, I think my other two favorites are the ones featuring Go Soo and Yoon Kye Sang. And oh my goodness, I almost didn’t recognize Kim Kang Woo because he’s featured here with a well-developed ‘stache. Eeee!

GAH! WHY IS THERE SO MUCH EYE-CANDY THIS WEEK?!?!? I mean, just look at the number of fashion photo spreads I’ve posted about this week alone. There’s too much for me to handle. AHHHHHH! Peels. Self. Off. Floor…..slowly. *falls back down*

Need help, Go Soo? I can most definitely unbutton that for you. Ahem….

Oh you’re absolutely adorable! ❤



I just don’t know what to say to you. You look like you’re in the midst of pondering, so I won’t bother you.

Source: naver


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