Miss Ripley’s Official Character Stills And Posters

Woot woot! Every time I write or think about Ripley, I forget that it has finally settled on a new title, Miss Ripley, so forgive me if I mix it up sometimes. Or maybe I should just stick to whatever I’m more comfortable with and turn this into a win-win situation? Anyway, here are the official character stills from the drama. Maybe it’s because I’m currently not enamored with the rest of the May offerings — as in the dramas that premiered in May — though the exceptions are Romance Town (which I love) and Best Love (which I like/almost love), and I’m dying to have another drama to occupy my full attention (Read: a drama to spazz about), but I’m finding myself to be in an increasing state of excitement as the drama’s premiering date inches closer on my calendar.

And good grief, is May already almost over? Although this is such an overused phrase, I’m going to use it anyway —  time does go by fast.

Here are the additional posters:

Now time for individual character shots! I like how we get to see all four characters stills in three different types of backgrounds — white, a fusion of colors, then black. First up is leading lady Lee Da Hae. Lee has always been one of those actresses that can wear anything and rock it, something I’m quite envious of. I always see her as being the one that wears the clothes, not the other way around. I love both looks on her in these stills. She’s absolutely breathtaking when she wears clothes that have really bold colors.

I’m not sure if I like the white suit on Kang Hye Jung, especially in the first still below. She looks like she came out of a Japanese rock band from the early 90s. Still, she looks adorable and innocent, which I guess is the look she’s going for. A not-so-subtle contrast to Lee above, no?

Gah, Ripley! You know I have a fetish for men in suits! Micky is no exception, and he’s looking quite yummy in his attire.

More suits! But if I drool and hit on Kim Seung Woo, I hope his wifey Kim Nam Joo doesn’t come at me with her death glares and pitchforks in hand.

So are the rest of you excited about this drama or what? Miss Ripley will be premiering this coming Monday, May 30th, on MBC.

Source: MBC’s Miss Ripley Official Website


5 thoughts on “Miss Ripley’s Official Character Stills And Posters

    • Hi Liz,

      Oh no, I like CYHMH a lot, or else I would’ve dropped it a long time ago. But because it didn’t premiere in May, I didn’t mention it. In that comment above, I was referring to the dramas that have premiered thus far in May, leaving Baby-faced Beauty, Lie To Me the other two May offerings that I dislike. I haven’t started City Hunter, but I will soon. What I hear so far about it isn’t promising, though. But we’ll see. I might be in for some action-packed, logic flawed, & lots of eye-candy kind of drama right now. ^^

  1. Miss Ripley should be rename “Mr.Micky.” j/k
    I’m not too excited, but I’ll be watching for YooChun.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’m super excited about it! 🙂

    Only one more day (for me) until it’s premiere…YAY!!

    I love all the stills, except for KHJ’s cuz while she’s pretty…they made her look not that pretty. They also made her look kind of like a lesbian (I have nothing against lesbians), especially in the all-white suit, but isn’t she supposed to have a crush on Micky in the drama? But I guess they were trying to contrast it with Lee Da-Hae’s character…still they could’ve made her a little more feminine.

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