Musings On Romance Town Episode 5

You know you’re a Romance Town addict when you’re on vacation and you sneak out from a gathering to write up a post about your thoughts on an episode. Or when you’re shopping with friends and you see a few makeup artists with clients, and your first thought is wondering if you can get one and look like Soon Geum, too. Clearly, I need a life.

Though I’m not recapping this drama (because someone is already doing so over at Dramabeans!), I still wanted to provide my own personal insights on this particular episode, and also for future episodes as well, making these commentaries a continuing series. You can read my first impressions of the first four episodes here. Now that we’re several episodes in, and my euphoria from seeing Jung Kyeo Woon in a new drama has worn off slightly –just a teeny, tiny bit — I’m starting to see why a few people may not like this drama, and why this storyline and the way the drama is going may not be something for everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this drama and I am definitely going to continue as a Romance Town enabler all the way through, but this was the first episode where I felt a tad bored with the plot. Just a little. Except for a few notable scenes that had me running around the house, squealing with glee. (It was actually even better on rewatch, too). So are you ready to enter the jumbled mind of a dodo for a few minutes? If so, ya better put your helmets on ’cause it’s dangerous in here!

It’s a good thing I was watching this episode while no one else was home, because I could then scream and roll on the floor and squeal all I want during the good scenes. For your benefit as well as mine, I’m going to include the screencaps that I took for a few scenes that I want to point out.

Let’s start off from the beginning!


Although I grimaced a few times during the entire yelling fiasco, which was so ridiculously OTT, this was the scene where I actually felt something for Young Hee besides indifference. I like how he comes barging into the room and picks Soon Geum up like some shining knight that’s off to save a princess from distress. So typical in a Kdrama for the second male lead — or the leading male — to do that. But I love how both guys, not just one, pick her up within five minutes, like hey, it’s no biggie and this is what I should do for a sickly lady. Chivalrous men, I dig that.

Oh, and I also enjoyed seeing Soon Geum get a little feisty in this scene, when the men started arguing about who she be the one carrying her. She doesn’t really need the help of either, and actually resists it. In fact, she’s very capable on her own without their help. She just has the drama gods on her side, so she gets the assistance of both. Me, jealous? Never.


My only quibble about this whole part was the transition from Young Hee’s house to Gun Woo’s. The editing needs some more work. We had Young Hee carry Soon Geum out of his house, then Gun Woo carrying Soon Geum to his, but then the next thing I see is Soon Geum being carried by Young Hee into her room. That was a weird cut that had me confused for a minute.

This isn’t the only editing caveat I have in this episode, because we see a lot of awkward transitions, abrupt cuts, and the camera moving around between characters that causes my head to spin during a few scenes. The last critical point that I just mentioned is more of a directing problem than an editing one, if anything. Even with the gorgeous cinematography and the good lighting effects in RT, it’s hard to focus when my attention is being pulled away at the technical problems with the show.

As far as the storyline goes, we do see a few characters catching on with Soon Geum’s secret about her lottery winnings. I wasn’t surprised that Young Hee was the first to find out because this guy seems to know almost everything about what’s going on in the neighborhood. It also adds a twinge of tension and mystery as to how he’ll go about with this new information. Will he keep her secret, or will he blab it out? Only time will tell.

I think Da Kyum is the other character that’s coming close in discovering Soon Geum’s secret. Now that Young Hee seems to have his interest piqued and is seemingly paying more attention to Soon Geum, Da Kyum won’t be the one to stand by and do nothing about it. She’s smart, perhaps even smarter than the other maids. Like Young Hee, she attentive to detail, which we see in the very last scene of the episode.


The other plot points I thought was notable was the kiss between Hwang Yong and Yoon Joo, the fact that Granny’s whereabouts were revealed, and Tae Won buying the lottery ticket from Hwang Yong. It’ll be interesting to see how all three of these subplots develop. As for Granny, I was confused as to how she recognized Gun Woo, and hence, ran away to hide when she saw him, but perhaps she recognized the family chauffeur instead. That’s the only plausible explanation I can come up with, unless she somehow kept herself updated on Gun Woo’s progress and transformation when he was in the States.

I was blown away at Gun Woo’s frankness in the last five minutes of this episode. At first, I was confused as to whether he was just playing a game with Soon Geum because he did recognize her. It soon became evident that that wasn’t the case — he really thought she was a stranger, though a smokin’ hot one. Beautiful enough for him to ask her out immediately, anyway.

I enjoyed the elevator scene immensely, where the two had a chance encounter with the rest of the maids, who are shopping at the same mall. One of them points at Soon Geum — whom they do not recognize either because of her complete makeover — and ask if she’s his girlfriend. His response, and I quote was: “I want her to be. But will that happen?” *looks over at Soon Geum*

AHHHHHH! *spazz* Wow, confident Gun Woo is really attractive.

But then after I was done with the episode, I realized just how shallow that entire asking out the girl-that-looks-like-a-hotter-version-of-Soon-Geum-but-cannot-be-Soon-Geum-because-Soon-Geum-isn’t-that-hot scene was. Plus, it was hard to believe that Gun Woo (and the maids) couldn’t tell that it was Soon Geum underneath all that makeup. Even if they couldn’t tell based on her outer appearance, her voice should’ve given her away. At least the maids had a split second thought that maybe it could be Soon Geum, but Gun Woo completely disregarded her.

I’m a big fan of the concept of inner beauty, so the fact that Gun Woo “fell in love” (I’m putting it in quotes because I don’t think he’s in love with her yet) with Soon Geum’s outer appearance after the makeover, and not her true self is rather unsettling to me. Compare that to Young Hee back in episode 2, who is more perceptive and notes Soon Geum’s beauty early on. I love that. So right now, I sorta have more cause to root for a Young Hee-Soon Geum pairing, than a Gun Woo-Soon Geum one. Of course, I’m sure Gun Woo is going to find out soon enough that Shi Ah and Soon Geum are indeed one individual. The only question is, when the hell is he going to find out? For his sake as much as mine, I hope it’s soon.

Lastly, we got to see Jung Kyeo Woon work on his facial muscles, which was a highlight in this episode. Thank ze drama gods for JKW. Get ready for some screencap spam, people.

Pensive ponderings? Check.


Element of surprise? Check.

The I-look-like-I’m-listening-but-actually-am-not look? Check!!!

Happy faces of satisfaction? You betcha!


Tension? Check.

Awkward turtle looks? Aw, who could ever forget the dumbfounded looks of JKW?

The confident, come-hither look? Oooh la la babaaaayyyy!

And here’s my favorite: water fights with San! OH HELLS YEAH!



More water fight and playtime cuteness to the point that endodo wishes she were a little kid in this drama? Do I even need to say ‘check’ anymore?


Cute, cute, cute! But truth be told, these scenes were just fillers for the entire episode. Completely unnecessary, though my love for JKW shot up like crazy. I hope the plot moves faster in episode 6, because I can see why a few of my drama friends are bored with it. This drama has more of a direction than Pasta ever did, though because it’s penned by the same writer, it’s hard to tell where it’s heading. For now, I’m still game, and crossing my fingers that this drama really exceeds my expectations, or at least meets them.


3 thoughts on “Musings On Romance Town Episode 5

  1. I’m a big fan of the concept of inner beauty, so the fact that Gun Woo “fell in love” (I’m putting it in quotes because I don’t think he’s in love with her yet) with Soon Geum’s outer appearance after the makeover, and not her true self.

    I totally agree with you. So thank you for pointing this out! My eye was twitching at this development. In addition to what you mentioned, I also didn’t entirely buy the whole Soon Geum falling for Gun Woo because didn’t she have a crush on Young Hee at the beginning of this episode? And it seems like Soon Geum likes Gun Woo just coz he says that she’s pretty after the makeover… that reason is a lil flimsy for me. I need drama to show me more than that before I believe in her feelings for Gun Woo and can be fully invested in this couple emotionally. Also, more than Gun Woo realizing that Shi Ah = Soon Geum first, I’d rather Soon Geum muster up enough confidence and self-esteem to tell him directly, something along the lines of, “I am who I am, whether you like it or not.”

    Re: Young Hee
    Surprisingly, he’s becoming more and more likeable to me. I don’t think he knows that Soon Geum won the lottery but just that to him, she’s this mysterious woman who has A LOT of moolah. I thought it was cute how he was confused about his feelings for Soon Geum and was berating himself for developing an interest in Soon Geum just because he found out that she’s rich. hehe.

    Can’t wait for this week’s episodes. Here’s to hoping that Romance Town doesn’t head to Ridiculous Town.

    • Hey dear doozy,

      Hm, I thought he knew it was Soon Geum who won the lottery because it’s known that the person who did win it was from their neighborhood, and the neighborhood is small. And it’s impossible for Soon Geum to have come up with that large amount of cash through her savings, so two plus two equals four? Lol.

      Hahaha Ridiculous Town! I love that, and I’m with you in hoping that it turns out well in the end. I also agree that I’m starting to like Young Hee more than Gun Woo, but of course, my love for Jung Kyeo Woon has not diminished one bit. It’s just that Young Hee seems so much more attentive to Soon Geum than Gun Woo, so I have more reasons to like him right now than our leading man.

      I just finished episode 6 and although I agree that I wish Soon Geum wouldn’t care so much about putting on facades to satisfy those around her, it looks like the drama is taking another route.

      • The reason why I thought that Young Hee didn’t know the identity of the lottery winner was because he keeps saying how mysterious Soon Geum is and also since he’s pretty wealthy himself, I didn’t think he’d showed so much interest if he knows it’s a set (albeit huge) amount versus some unknown/unlimited quantity. But then again, if he’s super money-obsessed, then the amount really doesn’t matter that much. OR it could be that I’m losing my touch with simple math… ahahahh

        Yup, saw episode 6 as well. Dearly hoping that drunk Soon Geum will tell Gun Woo the truth.

        Also, have to mention… I love Soon Geum and “gang pe” ahjusshi together. What an unlikely but cute friendship!

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