Jung Il Woo’s Interview And Photoshoot With 10Asia

Man oh man, how do I love–and miss–Jung Il Woo, especially when I recall his role as a Scheduler in the recently wrapped up drama, 49 Days. It must be my lucky day right before the hell that is to come later this week, because 10Asia released a transcript of an interview done with Jung Il Woo, as well as the photos taken from the shoot just today. To view the original interview, go here. I always enjoy reading interviews from my favorite actors and actresses, and am happy to share the highlights from this particular one. Plus, it’s always good to see a happy, handsome face that always puts a smile back on my face in the midst of a kind of chaos called Reality.

Some highlights from the interview, which you can read in its entirety in English in the link I posted above:

  • The Scheduler wasn’t initially supposed to have a large role in the drama, but was given more screen time later in the series after the cast had a meeting about it.
  • Jung thought this was the first time he had good acting chemistry with one of his female co-stars. He felt that Lee Yo Won really helped him improve in his acting because she acted so naturally and spontaneously.
  • He didn’t think that his character’s relationship with Song Yi Kyung was meant to last, and thought it made sense that it didn’t work out in the end because the Scheduler was already dead.
  • Prior to 49 Days, he considered other projects that would make him the leading actor, but decided to go with his Scheduler character in 49 Days because he wanted a character that had more depth and was more dimensional.
  • Playing the Scheduler was fun for him and he tried to act as naturally as possible, showing as many sides to this character as possible.
  • Additionally, he doesn’t think he has his own unique acting style. From now on, choosing the characters he can portray well will be important in choosing his next project.
  • He used to pick projects based on how challenging the characters were, and didn’t want to pick similar characters to what he has acted before, but now realizes that there’s no two characters that are a same in a drama.
  • He’s currently considering a few projects seriously, and will announce his decision within the next two months because he’s happiest when he’s working. (All JIW fans rejoice!)

Now, time for a Jung Il Woo picspam! Have some handkerchiefs or tissues with you ready, ladies and gents, because you’ll probably be drooling by the time this is all over! 

Source: 10Asia


5 thoughts on “Jung Il Woo’s Interview And Photoshoot With 10Asia

  1. thanks for the post…im seeking eagerly for any news about Jung Il Woo..and then I found this…Thanks!!

  2. Hmmm, I don’t know that I like the sleeveless look, but those black and white pics are yum!! (But who am I kidding, I’ll take JIW any way I can get him.) Thanks for sharing!

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