Kim Hyun Joong Releases “Please” and MV

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a song from SS501‘s Kim Hyun Joong, who has been quite busy doing his own solo activities for the past year, the most notable being his role in last year’s drama, Playful Kiss. Luckily for fans, he’s returned to the music scene, and released a new single titled “제발 Please,” which was released yesterday.

I find the song really catchy and something that I wouldn’t mind listening to on repeat. Like I said in one of my earlier posts last month, I’ve been falling behind with Kpop updates, but am happy to have discovered this song, only because it has a different vibe from the other popular songs these days. I literally am so doggone tired of listening to music that sounds the same. I needed a change. So what I like about this particular song is that it has an R&B ambiance and it’s refreshing. Kim Hyun Joong certainly doesn’t have the greatest voice ever in the Kpop industry, but it’s good enough for me to want more.

To be honest, I was staring at Kim Hyun Joong’s new nose for most of the video, which is evident in this MV and also in his promotional photos for Hang Ten. I guess I’m just not used to it. But if getting his nose done again makes him happy, then that’s all that matters. My opinion means nothing. On rewatch, though, when I was paying more attention to the MV itself, it’s apparent that a lot of effort went into making this. I really like it, and hope you do as well, whether you’re a fan of his or not.

*edit* HAHAHA I posted the wrong link. Whoops!


7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong Releases “Please” and MV

  1. Clearly I have not been paying attention. I definitely did not notice that his nose was in anyway different than it ever has been…but then again, that’s never really been a strong point of mine. Paying attention to detail, I mean. Apparently, making sense is also not a strong point of mine.

    But I agree with you about the song. I have listened to it on repeat. Not such a huge fan of the music video (not after the awesomeness that was SS501’s Love Ya mv), but I do like the song. I’ve been missing me some KHJ.

    Have you ever seen the episodes of We Got Married that he was in? He was so adorable! I didn’t care for him much in Boys Before Flowers (which was the first kdrama I ever watched, incidentally), so it wasn’t until I discovered Ss501 and he starred in Playful Kiss that I really jumped on board the good ship HMS Kim Hyun-joong and went to go check out the WGM episodes. I would definitely recommend them if you’re a KHJ lover. Or if you just like hilarious 4D KHJ.

  2. I like the song too…surprisingly, cuz a lot of K-pop songs sound the same. I’ve listened to it repeatedly too & I couldn’t stop staring at his nose in the MV as well. Yeah, in his recent photos and MV, you could totally see his new nose. I actually think he looked better with his old nose a la “Playful Kiss”…this new nose seems too big for his face…and I’m still not used to it yet. His new haircut is quite refreshing though, since a lot of K-pop idols/singers/actors currently have the bangs covering the entire forehead look…this new cut looks good on him.

  3. i love the song too..kinda want me to listen to it more frequently..harhar…I thought I was the only one who noticed his nose that’s why I kept it to myself and don’t mind it.. But not until I read your comment and mention about it…with his small face, his nose is really a stand out when you like at him.. 🙂

  4. at last i saw him once again performing showing his talents. he’s so gorgeous the way he dances and of course his soft voice. thanks for sharing this. hope to see more. short hair long hair doesn’t matter. nose done or not it’s still him. love him so much. my idol..again thanks

    • Oh wow, I didn’t know it was his birthday today in Korea. Guess he’s releasing the CD a day after his birthday celebrations are over. Thanks for the tip, edith!

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