Romance Town Episode 7 Spoiler Photos

Dear Jung Kyeo Woon, where the heck were you when I was at the beach for the weekend? I could’ve kept you company and entertained you with my lame jokes if only I had known a few minutes in advance that you would be present on the sandy beaches along the coast. Heck, I know you were on a beach on a completely different continent, but that’s no excuse! No siree! You left me out. How could you do that to me? *sobsobsob*

Granted, you probably don’t even know I exist in real life (but you should because I’m awesome!), yet I thought we had a good enough relationship, however one-sided it is, that I could find out about your schedule prior to before it occurs. So whaddya say? The next time you’re gonna be at the beach, NOTIFY THE WORLD, PLEASE! Or just text me.

Your beloved fan who wubs you,

Now that I’ve let that out, I feel much better now. If you’re not a fan of the Soon Geum-Gun Woo pairing, then perhaps these BTS photos will probably come as a disappointment for you. I too wish that the drama released more scenes from the upcoming episode, instead of just one scene. But sorry, that’s all I’ve got from KBS right now. You can take your complaints to them if you’re unsatisfied, although my motto has always been a few is better than nothing. Not that this set of photos is any less than last week’s offerings because there’s actually a lot.

I realized last week that a few photos I thought to be spoilers for episode 6 were actually for episode 5, hence the title change on that post. This time I’ll be sure to watch all of episode 7 before I post the spoiler photos for 8, just so I know if they’re really spoiler photos or just more released stills from the same episode. Heh. I definitely don’t want to make the same embarrassing mistake again.

Looks like there’s not much for me to say except that I hope Gun Woo realizes that Soon Geum is really Shi Ah, now that it looks like they’re taking their relationship to another level. I mean, how a leading character could be so dense is beyond me.  And I’m sure this doesn’t bode well for Soon Geum later on. One lie will eventually snowball into a web of ’em sooner or later.

Oh, here’s a random comment–don’t you guys think that, based on the stills below, Sung Yuri looks similar to Park Min Young? The two could be each other’s doppelganger in my opinion! Here are the photos!


7 thoughts on “Romance Town Episode 7 Spoiler Photos

  1. All I want to know is, Who the heck wears heels to the beach? Hard on the shoe leather, for sure.

    I foresee much angst when GW finds out that Shi-ah is, in fact, Soon-geum. And there will be crying and accusing and gnashing of teeth and possibly some fighting and a lot of accusations thrown around. I hope GW figures it out fast so the drama is as tame as possible.

    But who am I kidding? This is kdramalandia! Hwaiting, dramatics!

  2. I’ve seen epi 7 and 8 raw-it seems GW is mad at the deception when it was uncovered but it wasn’t as if SG wanted to really deceive him intentionally . She gave him a lot of clues -but he was just dense .But I noticed he is getting disturbed or at the least paying attention to SG . I bet the kissing ending of epi 8 was just hallucinatory on the part of GW .He is in love with the image of the non-maid SG while YH is in love with SG ,the maid .I hope its not because she has a lot of money now .

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