Vanness Wu and One Republic For The Material Queen OST

Material Queen is set to premiere on June 17, and singer-turned-actor Vanness Wu, who is also the male lead for the drama, has collaborated with Ryan Tedder from One Republic for the OST. In addition to this song being officially a part of Material Queen’s OST, it will also be one of the numbers in his upcoming Mandarin album, which is tentatively scheduled to be released over the summer, sometime in July. The song actually premiered on Taiwan’s Hit FM radio just a few hours ago for the first time.

Vanness wrote about the premiere of this song on his blog a few days ago:

My Mandarin album is about to drop this July… I haven’t released anything in Mandarin for over 3 years. I’ve been busy being Japanese and lovin it* but on the realz… feels real good to be able to release this album. And I’m truly honored and blessed that the title track was written and featuring Ryan Teddar of ONE REPUBLIC. I’ve digg’d his music way back before him and his band even started… so for this to come full circle is a true blessing. God is good~! The world radio premiere will however be in Taiwan only ATM but the release will be world wide digitally. I’m sure y’all be able to hear it real soon. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for the support. God bless you all with this joy and excitement that I’m feelin right now!

I present to you “Is This All” by Vanness Wu featuring Ryan Tedder. Believe me, y’all, this is a really, really good song. Uh-ohs, do I smell an obsession with this song coming up?

Here’s also a trailer of the upcoming drama:

Sources: ockoala (thanks for the YT link, muah!) and Vanness Wu’s blog


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