Romance Town Episode 8 Spoiler Photos

Wheeeeeee! My stalking has paid off! I’ve come to share with you the spoiler photos for episode 8 that are hot off the press! I’m happy to say that there seems to be more revelations in 7 and 8, folks! Are you ready to see ze photos? I know I sound hyper right now. Just be glad you can’t actually hear me through the screen. Oh, and I understand that I have yet to publish my commentary for episode 6. In case you’ve been waiting for it, it’ll be up shortly…today… or tomorow. Hopefully.Β Let’s just say sometime in the near future, alright?

From these photos, it looks like the romance is coming to fruition because there looks to be not only one kiss between Young Hee and Da Kyum, but also one with Soon Geum and Gun Woo as well. WHEEEE! Well, I hope there will be kisses, and not just on the cheek, either. We need some real kisses around here if we’re to be considered a strong contender against Best Love and Lie To Me, am I right? Not that we need more physical interaction to get more recognition, but it wouldn’t hurt the drama if there were more between all the leads.

In addition to kisses, looks like Gun Woo pays a visit to the doctor, where he’s all bandaged up from head to toe. Egads, hopefully it’s nothing too serious, though I’m sure everything will turn out just fine with the *squee* almost-kiss I see in these stills. God, I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Here’s the best for last. I sure hope this ain’t a dream sequence, Show! *crosses fingers that it’s for reals* After all, we need some more lip action around these parts!

Source: KBS’s Romance Town Official Website


7 thoughts on “Romance Town Episode 8 Spoiler Photos

  1. wheeee, you got me excited too. just when i feel the drama is moving too slow (but having watched pasta i shd hv known her style).

    lol gun woo with the hospital pj and his head bandaged (it’s not like he’s having a head surgery!) cracks me up. and the neck collar! can you kiss with that? πŸ™‚

  2. Where are you getting your spoiler photos -you must have good connections ! Anyway, thanks a lot . I’m glad there is a blog besides Kaede Jun who of late hqs been doing recap thru JB blog that is bothering with RT .

    I like RT for the reason that there is SY as it must have been for the 2 guys others are doing the lookout .

    The story is interesting and I am sure this drama will be bought in countries that still have many domestic help in the households. Not that I am condescending -just stating stark realities of life . Many can identify with the characters .

  3. aahahah. Thanks for the photos!

    I’m not too crazy about the romance angle between Da Kyum and Young Hee because their chemistry feels more oppa-dongsaeng to me. But I’ll hold off on further comment until I see it on screen.

    Hmm… If this isn’t professionalism, I don’t know what is.

    I bet you’d want to be in her position, am I right?

    And I know I’ve said this already, but Soon Geum is flipping gorgeous!

      • LOL not only for the fake mole but to how bold he allowed himself there . That was a nice half of a butt ! Now he has a little secret out to the public to feast on.

        Btw, pay attention to the kiss at the end of epi 8 though not as awesome as Kim Hyun Joong’s kiss in the rain in PK .

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