Couple Stills For You’ve Fallen For Me

I think I can get used to this couple, especially if they turn out to be just as cute in the drama as they are in these photos. I have a soft spot for Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong  Hwa. Perhaps it was due to the You’re Beautiful craze back in 2009, but nonetheless, these two are two of my favorite Korean stars. These released stills only fuel my curiosity to see how they’ll turn out as a couple, because based on these photos, they look like they have great chemistry together.

The poster shoot for You’ve Fallen For Me was held on May 25th at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and the concept was sort of like the self-taken photos we so often see couples take. Park will be playing Lee Kyu Won, a gayageum prodigy, while Jung will play Lee Shin our rude, cocky hero who’s also a guitar genius. Two musical geniuses meet and fall in love? I like that!

Here are the stills from the poster shoot:

You’ve Fallen For Me will be airing its first episode on June 29th on MBC, following the Hong Sisters’ Best Love.

Source: My Daily via Nate


5 thoughts on “Couple Stills For You’ve Fallen For Me

  1. Cuuuute! I like that they’ve already worked together and are by all accounts pretty close; you can see how comfortable their body language is in the photos. I hope this bodes well for their chemistry on-screen.

    • They are ridiculously cute, aren’t they? And yeah, their body language seems to give off the vibe that they’re quite comfortable around each other.

  2. oh my god! they are so cute ^^
    i hope i like this pairing as much as I liked Go Mi NamXTae Kyung
    I was Tae Kyung biased during my YAB phase so i hope this doesn’t effect my opinion of HeartStrings

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