Musings On Romance Town Episode 6

It’s come to my attention that another fellow blogger by the name of Thundie is doing a first impressions poll on all the May dramas on her blog, and that Romance Town is trailing far behind Best Love and Lie To Me in all the polls. It’s actually not just Romance Town, but the same goes for the rest of the May dramas that are not BL or LTM. So how about a few more of us Romance Towners get our voices heard out there! Go vote if you haven’t already done so by clicking the link above! At this point, the results aren’t going to change much, but let’s give the other dramas a run for their money, yeah?

Sorry it took so long for this particular post. Truth be told, I was finding it hard to come up with things to say right after I finished watching this, only because the plot movement was even slower in this one than in episode 5. And I’m not talking about how there wasn’t as much going on in this episode — there was a lot of filler scenes, just not a lot of plot that I was interested in. Which is interesting because the romance is really settling in already. Personally, there was also less cute scenes in this episode compared to episode 5, but all of that aside, I still enjoyed it enough to want to continue writing about it. Having said that, however, I admit that I’m also waiting for the drama to throw some curveballs at us, to keep us on our toes. Because all the hints and teasing we get must mean that something greater is bound to happen ahead.

Initially, when I first started writing this post, I thought I was only going to be reiterating what was said in my comments for episode 5, because a lot of what happened plot-wise in this one was hinted to us previously. Thankfully, this mouth of mine can rant about almost anything if it gets started.

There was nothing surprising in the plot, really. I’ve come to terms with the fact that Gun Woo is slower than your average man in realizing that Shi Ah = Soon Geum. I’m hoping that he’ll find out soon in the next episode because we’ll only be running around in circles if this continues to drag out. Funny, that’s one of the caveats I had about Pasta as well, but I suppose that’s just one of the stylistic techniques the writer uses to tell the story.

While it’s bad that Soon Geum lies and pretends to be someone else that she’s not, I empathize with her. How many of us, regardless of gender, have wanted to recreate our own identities, to start over with our lives and escape from our present hell reality? I don’t know about you, but that’s something I think about when I’m bored with nothing to do, or when I’m involved in an undesirable situation.

But if all it took to create a new persona was to win the lottery and have a crapload of money, then that would be all too easy. Soon Geum is going to have to pay the consequences if she continues to pull this double act. It’s to her credit that Gun Woo is so obtuse, because she’s basically laying out flashing neon signs in the last scene that she and Shi Ah are entirely the same people. Guess our leading man needs bigger clues to figure it out.

Speaking of leading men, Young Hee is stepping up to the plate and starting to reveal his feelings to Soon Geum, which is just in time and not a moment to soon. I like that he’s not going to play the kind of second lead that holds in his feelings until the very end. If he did, that would go against everything we’ve seen of his character. Though he has no idea that Soon Geum is impersonating Shi Ah, the woman Gun Woo likes, it’s going to really suck when he finds out that his best buddy’s crush and his are of the same people. I’m still rooting for our main OTP, yet I can’t help but adore Young Hee when he’s around Soon Geum. Those two are really cute. I’m also hoping that if he is to have a romantic storyline with Da Kyum, that we get more scenes with just those two people. Right now, I’m totally not feeling their romance. At all.

As for the other characters in this episode, I really liked the confrontation between Yoon Joo and Hyun Joo (Side note–God, they need better names because I keep getting the two mixed up! Argh!), and my interest in their past friendship has officially been piqued. Though we found out in the previous episode that the two knew each other prior to living in this neighborhood, it was nice to get a flashback to the time when they were high schoolers. (Let’s also refrain from commenting on how those two women didn’t look anything remotely close to teenagers in that flashback. Because yeah, they were just ajummas in uniforms.) The biggest question now is, what the heck happened to these two best friends to cause such a breach between them?

My other favorite friendship pairing is that of Hwang Yong and Soon Geum. God, these two are a ball of awesome. Hwang Yong is like Soon Geum’s father figure and closest confidante, which makes their relationship endearing and adorable. Much to his annoyance, he’s suddenly become her go-to person, now that her life has taken an unexpected turn with the influx of money she’s received. How much do I also love that they’re both crushing on people that may not love them back, and that they have a lot of money they don’t want others to find out about because that would lead to questioning of how they are able to obtain that much cash. Hwang Yong can complain all he wants, but as of right now, these two can relate to one another and be each other’s shrinks.

Finally, I’m curious to find out more about how all the maids ended up with their positions and their backstory, as well as how the mistress Boon Ja and Soon Ok the wife will handle knowing that the master of the house was screwing Hyun Joo all along. Whew, now that I’ve written all this, there seems to be a lot of open-ended questions that have yet to be answered than I originally thought there would be! C’mon Show, let’s keep moving along now! I need my questions answered, stat, or else I’ll never be satiated!

Anyway, before I close, as a thank you gift for all those waiting for this post, here are a few stills from episode 6 that I didn’t post on this blog. It’s not much, but this is all I can offer for right now. Trust me, I won’t take this long for episode 7 OR 8! Until next time!


One thought on “Musings On Romance Town Episode 6

  1. I love all the scenes with Soon-geum and Hwang-yong. I just laugh every time they’re together, because I adore Soon-geum trying to get all chummy with Hwang-yong and him just getting all annoyed at her. Too cute. Too bad he has a snake for a daughter. What’s with all these evil second lead girls named Yoon-joo? I imagine it’s not a pleasant time to be a girl named Yoon-joo in Korea right now, what with all the writers using your name as a substitute swear word.

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