Our Romance Town OTP Take Selcas

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Stop being so cute, you two!

It’s like this entire drama knows how to fuel my addiction by feeding me more photos, spoilers, and news about the show. Note to self: stay off soompi. Heh. While most of my drama friends are spazzing about Baby-Faced Beauty, Best Love, or Lie To Me, I believe I’m one of the few amongst my group that is loving Romance Town more than all of the above. (By the way, I have yet to check out City Hunter and Miss Ripley, which is why I’m not mentioning whether I like it or not. I’ll try to catch up on those two dramas this weekend! *crosses fingers*)

For those of us who have finished episodes 7-8, and are currently waiting for this week to end so that we can watch episodes 9-10, I’m sure these two BTS photos will put a smile back on your face. Feel free to also thank me for finding and sharing these photo goodies, and for making you love this OTP more. *takes out an “accepting compliments” sign* These selcas come from Jung Kyeo Woon’s twitter, which I had totally forgotten about until now, but conveniently found when I was scouring the web for more Romance Town related news.

He took these with Sung Yuri while they were filming for episode 7, and I gotta say, I FREAKING LOVE THESE TWO SOOOO MUCH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! JKLASUQETRYSD#%^&%$@$%*%#$%&@$%^A;SLITUQPTOQ5AF@$#%^&(*@$%^(

Hey, if you don’t like my fangirling on my own personal blog, go create your own. 😛 As for me, I think I’m going to attempt to sleep tonight. Believe me, it’s going to be hard, since all my dodo brain can think and see right now are these two wonderful people down below.


6 thoughts on “Our Romance Town OTP Take Selcas

  1. Hey, blog on about your fangirling. Your blog, who’re peepz to say they don’t like ya? WE LUB YOU! <333

    You're not in the minority girl, I've come across several blogs who actually like and rave about RT. But poor BFB, I think I'm the only one? haha.. but who the heck cares? I love my Jin Wook & So Young, you love your Gun Woo & Soon Geum, the rest love the BL and LTM OTP. That's the beauty of Korean dramas <33

    And oh I forgot to comment, CUTE OTP selca! ❤

    • Hahaha, nope, no one has said anything about my fangirling on this blog, but there were some nasty comments said about another blogger’s fangirling on another blog. (Check mah tweets for more info!) I don’t know about other blogs, but amongst our OT sisters, I think I’m one of two (?) people who’s loving RT. Hah, I think dramacafe’s also loving BFB as well, no? So you’re definitely not alone.

      Yeah, these two are cute. But I’m not rooting for them as an OTP in real life because guess what? That spot is reserved for ME — and kaedejun. 😛

  2. You, Kaedejun and me !!! there are 3 Romance towner !

    RT is so addicted…I can’t help to love even more (it’s possible ?) Jung Gyu Woon after each episode!…And i love him kissing SYR and even more his indirect kiss!

    My war is against people who said : “Jung Gyu what ?” which idol’s band ? he’s the main character ? …”ggggrrr”

    Endodo fighting !

    • LOL so are you suggesting that we have a relationship like Soon Ok, Boon Ja, and Hyun Joo? One man with a wife, mistress, and housekeeper? Heh. As long as we can all have our turn, I wouldn’t mind….

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