Romance Town Episode 9 Teaser Spoiler Photos

Goodness gracious, that’s a lot of people crammed into one room to film this scene. I debated whether to wait for all of the spoiler photos for 9 to be released before writing up a post about them, or just to go ahead and post the ones already released by KBS. These are definitely not the entire batch of spoiler photos, mind you. But at this point, my need for more Romance Town-related photos overrules whatever coherent thought and sheer willpower I may have left. I watched episode 8 raw last night with a good friend of mine, and by the end of the night, it felt like my heart rate was beating at 120 beats per minute, I swear. That’s right Mr. Dokko Jin, I think my heart was beating just as fast as yours. Neener neener! 😛

Before you click on the jump button, prepare yourselves for the awesomeness of the OTP! Oh, and don’t forget to breathe.

Technically, these photos are from the last scene in episode 8 to the beginning of 9, so it only whets our appetite as to what is bound to happen. Some people, including myself, were wondering if the last kiss scene in 8 was just part of a reverie, or was it actually real. I think the answer lies with these photos. However, my question is, was Gun Woo in a lucid state when he kissed her? And does he know that it’s Soon Geum, not Shi Ah. Dear Wednesday, please come faster!

Source: KBS’s Romance Town Official Website


8 thoughts on “Romance Town Episode 9 Teaser Spoiler Photos

  1. gracias. im a big fan of sung yuri. and romance town at that. ive been a kdrama fanatic for years but this is the first time for me to watch with no english subtitle. > likewise i miss jang bogo. have been a fan since emperor of the sea.
    again thanks and keep it up.

  2. Hahahha -Have the same thought as yours-was it his injured head playing a trick on his eyes ? But he is so dense or say superficial thinking at physical level making people attractive not the real person . But that makes the story addicting really -though I know where or how its going to end later -its still fun and my empathy is w/ SG -how she is enduring it all . One of these days I might reach for the LT screen and give this guy a bop on his head and make his head injury for real .

    But I was hoping YH would not see the kissing -yet-but it seems like he would judging from the still shot. I like the idea of making GW jealous if YH becomes persistent-which I think he is beginning to be -yay that is SG’s turn . I hope she can somehow realize that YH has fallen for her seriously even though she is the maid.But how about the money side of it? Though he saw how pretty she is without knowing yet the lottery win .

    Ah,this RT really disturbing my normal trends of thoughts . I wish I could be its scriptwriter-to make SG get her revenge sooner .

    But i like the twists and turns of the side stories -I’m having FUN !

  3. Btw,what is that thing that passed between the lips of GW to SG ? Was it a piece of white candy -I don’t think it was his tongue . It ruined a perfectly good kiss -though Kim Hyun Joong of PK is still my favorite onscreen kisser .

    I remember Sung Yuri said an interview many years ago that her costar Kim NamJin in Prince First Love was the best kisser . Let us see ,who she will say is the best kisser this time . Jisung ? Hyun Bin ? or JGW ?

  4. Sorry for writing so much -but your spoiler pics triggered my scripwriter’s fantasies. Here goes : GW liking SA so much to continue to seeing her as he becomes a part time amnesiac if there is such a thing and be still as mean as can be to SG ,the maid . Then we can have two schizophrenics on screen . Also YH will not recognize her as SA at first . So she leads a double life and the charade goes on -till GW recovers . But then SG will have a confused mind between the two guys . How about that ?

    • earthstar, you are always allowed to write as much as you like on this blog! Hmm, I just watched the very last scene with subtitles, and it looks as if Gun Woo knows that it’s Shi Ah, not Soon Geum who’s present. Whether this is a hallucination, I’m not too sure. But it could be Soon Geum as Shi Ah who came to visit him, since she said that at lunch time, Soon Geum herself would be coming back to visit him. To be honest, I’m not sure what to think. But I do know that I’d like any Shi Ah scenes to cease in the upcoming episodes.

  5. My hope is that in the upcoming episodes, he gets double doses of Soon Geum and Shi Ah, and essentially realizes he loves Soon Geum more.
    This drama is really good, because it really leaves me thinking and swooning and wanting more…
    I think the set-up right now has so much potential. He loves two women, the “maid” and the “rich girl” who is in fact only one woman…and maybe it’s about overcoming that and learning to love her beyond what she looks like, or where others place her in life just like she loves him, whether he’s fat, or poor or a bad cook…
    Or maybe I’m reading too much into it…
    Thanks for the spoilers<3

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