Album Jacket Photos For Break Down

Ooooooh. Me likey.

Singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong has released two sets of album jacket photos for his upcoming solo album, Break Down. The album is set to be released on June 7, and in anticipation for his long-awaited comeback, Kim is keeping fans occupied with these stills, which probably only heightens their expectations. Or am I just talking about myself here?

If the album contains even more photos like these of Kim, then by all means, I will purchase one for myself, just so’s I can ogle at him whenever I want. The short hair and new nose doesn’t bother me as much anymore, which means that I can probably provide more objective comments and criticisms when the songs are released in a few days. So uh, yay for more photos? And just so we’re clear — I have a fetish for men in suits. Therefore, I want the spiffy-looking Kim Hyung Joong in the above photo. I called it first! MINE MINE MINE. All rights reserved. Capish?

Source: Naver


3 thoughts on “Album Jacket Photos For Break Down

  1. I have a thing for men in suits, too, but this time you can have KHJ in the first picture…I’ll take KHJ in bike leathers and spiky hair. ~drools and covets~

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