Day 10: Your Favorite Line(s) by a Female Third Wheel Character

From the moment when I first started watching Kdramas to the here and now, there has only been one drama that I’ve ever felt compelled to take notes on, from the beginning to end. I only mention this little tidbit because this gem of a drama ended up not only enhancing my Kdrama experience, but it changed my life. Really!

I remember picking up Goodbye Solo towards the end of last year and not being terribly impressed with the first episode. But then as I watched more and gradually became invested with the characters, I realized that this was such a heartfelt drama with real life circumstances and people. They weren’t soulless cardboard cutouts, but were individuals that were tangible and full of life. In other words, they were people I could relate to, characters that I could love. Despite the ordinary circumstances, and the lack of the stereotypical “drama” found in most romances, this show turned out to be an unforgettable masterpiece.

The drama centers mostly on the lives of four women, but I’ll only be including the quotes from three, seeing as how the fourth woman didn’t talk at all in the drama until the very end. (Awesome acting by Na Moon Hee by the way.) This drama is different from the norm in that it delves deeply into the lives of every single character, and each have their own backstory to tell. Not one character is unimportant; rather, each contribute to the drama as a whole. If one character was missing from the show, the drama wouldn’t have been complete.

That’s why I didn’t think it was necessary to choose one woman out of the three, though, as in all dramas, there technically is a leading female character in Goodbye Solo. Yet I’m going to ignore that piece of information, and just consider all of these women to be the leads. What secondary female characters? There are none!

As I brought out my Goodbye Solo notebook, which was tattered and the pencil markings on the pages were fading, I ended up rereading and reminiscing back to this gem of a drama. I hope that you’ll read these quotes and find them witty and full of wisdom, just as I did when I wrote them down.

If love changes, what does it change to? Dislike? Hate? Then I thought, ‘love is just love, dislike is dislike, while hate is hate.’ Then I realized it. Love is just alone, but my heart changes. I was just kidding myself that love changed me. I could change.” — Kim Soo Hee (Yoon So Yi)

Isn’t life supposed to be that some understand and others don’t?” — Choi Mi Ri  (Kim Min Hee)

Here’s two by Young Sook (Bae Jung Ok)

To sway and stand firm, to sway and stand firm. Such is life.

Granny, I pray every day for all the people in this world who are hurtin gin their hearts and having a hard time, that they would have someone who can hold their backs; that they can have at least one person like that with them.

If you haven’t watched this show before, and you’re looking for something more substantial than what you’re currently watching now, pick up this drama. Now. It shall change your life, I promise.


5 thoughts on “Day 10: Your Favorite Line(s) by a Female Third Wheel Character

  1. Excellent choice of drama! Goodbye Solo was glorious!

    Love all the quotes that you posted. One of my favorite and also the one that made me bawled was the word spoken by Na Moon Hee’s character at the end of the series. That goes to show the power and profound effect of this drama. Just one word.

    • Oh my goodness, yeah. That ending quote spoken by Na Moon Hee had me tearing up. I would’ve included it in this post as well, but I don’t think readers would’ve understood it without the context. Which is why everyone should try watching it for themselves, no? XD

  2. I definitely want to take the time to fully watch this drama. I always here how wonderful it is and I seem to always be so caught up with dramas airing or dramas I’ve been meaning to see that I never get around to it. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  3. hey, i just came across your blog not too long ago but i have to say i really appreciate this post! there were some great lines in goodbye solo and i really liked kim min hee and bae jung ok in this. i also loved the line when bae jung ok’s character overhears kim min hee’s character yelling at her boyfriend that they are “cool” (as in ‘not emotionally attached’) in one of the earlier episodes. i don’t remember the exact lines but it was something about how hot blooded people can’t really be cool. the scriptwriter is definitely one of the best!

    • Hi eb, I’m so glad you stumbled upon this blog and emerged to comment on this wee post! Noh Hee Kyung is indeed one of the most brilliant writers in the Kdrama industry, one that touches not only the heart, but the soul as well. Oh, I remember that scene that you mentioned! That’s a good one to bring up, so thanks for sharing. I suppose I could’ve included more quotes in this post, but I shall save them for later, since I’m only 1/3 done with this challenge! Thanks again for stopping by!

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