Kim Hyun Joong Is Back, Baby!

It’s out, peoples! Kim Hyun Joong‘s music video for “Break Down” feat Double K has officially been released. And oh my freaking God, he looks hawt. I’m in love with this music video, aside from the scantily dressed woman in the clip. Love, I tell you. I really like the effects in the music video, and everything looks so glossy and perfect. Needless to say, the cinematography and dance routine are stunning. On the other hand, I don’t like “Break Down” as a song when compared to “Please,” because the former is more like the type of music I listen to — a pop version of a ballad. Yet I can’t say that I’m completely disappointed, either.

My first thought when watching this music video was, wow, I can hardly recognize him. Gone is the guy from Playful Kiss. Remember that dude? The person above doesn’t look at all like the person below. Yet they’re one and the same, just perhaps not on-screen. Manliner and a hair cut can work wonders, I think.

If you’re a Kim Hyun Joong fan, did the MV or song disappoint you? Do you like it? I’m curious to know.

Thanks to estel for the tip!


10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong Is Back, Baby!

  1. He is clearly trying to get rid of the “Ji Hoo Sunbae” image, which sadly enough has stuck around for way to long….not entirely sure how I feel about this one though

  2. hmm… I like the theme of the album…it shows his color and masculinity… but I dont know why I find him awkward when dancing by himself or dancing solo in his song “Please”. But I saw his “Break Down” MV and wow…very masculine indeed. making all girls drop their jaw (including me…hehehe) but sorry I dont like the way he dances solo… 🙂

    • Interestingly enough, even though I had no problems with seeing him dance and sing solo, I admit it was a tad to see him by himself without expecting SS501 members to pop out at any moment.

  3. Good thing I’ve already laid claim to KHJ-in-leather. ^_~

    Actually, while I loved the visual aspect of the video, I didn’t like the song much. Which was the opposite reaction I had from Please, where I liked the song just fine but didn’t really like the video. Can I just say, I miss all the boys of SS501 together? ~le sigh~

    Still, KHJ — HAWT. Yum.

    • Apparently he had a hand in all the choreography, jacket photos, the music and the music video. Boy’s been busy trying to set a new image for himself! I agree that the video for “Please” was a bit lackluster compared to this video for “Break Down.” Hmm maybe they should swap ’em. Hee.

  4. My Jihoo made a big bigggggg makeover to Baek Seong Jo then a major leap to to the leather -toughie guy of Breakdown . Yes I love Breakdown more than Please in overall appeal but I loved Please song more . I did not like the loose pants there and the dance kind of remind me more of SS501 routine . Maybe the eyes and the brain remembered .But he is soo good looking so in that aspect who am I to complain .

    Love how KHJ transformed himself many times and how work maniac he had become to come up with his first solo album. I’ve watched his Showcase and he was a dynamite ! Waiting for his next drama or movie.

  5. Whoaaaa….When I saw the title and the pic I wondered if I had gotten KHJ’s name mixed up. Even watching the video it’s hard to tell that it’s him. Anyways, he is seriously hot with shorter hair. The brown perm was weird.

  6. Was not a fan of his acting. Saw his new video and loved the look and feel of it. Made me check out SS501 and really liked their sound. I am a fan now.

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