Hwang Jung Eum Poses For Star Photos

Currently gaining popularity for her role as Bong Woo Ri in the weekend drama Can You Hear My Heart, Hwang Jung Eum is rockin’ it in this issue of Star Photo Album. The shoot was set in Palm Springs, Los Angeles, with a theme of “My Girlfriend.”  The camera definitely captures her lovely features in the frame, showcasing her charms and alluring smile.

It’s been so long since I’ve seen her sporting long hair, which are clearly hair extensions, because in the rest of the photos, she’s featured with her current mushroom hair. The hair aside, I love her long legs, which are really accentuated in each shot. The angle of the camera makes it seem as if her legs are a mile long in length, something I didn’t take note of as I watched this past week’s episodes of CYHMH. So either she really is that tall in real life, or something’s been exaggerated.

That aside, I really like these shots of her, as well as the settings she was photographed in. Makes me want to take a weekend getaway to Palm Springs now. To see more of Hwang, you can check out MBC’s Can You Hear My Heart, which airs on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Source: Economic News via Naver 


2 thoughts on “Hwang Jung Eum Poses For Star Photos

  1. She isn’t tall but also not short. But then again, Kim Jae Won has 183 cm and she don’t see too short next to him, and if you know her character in CYHMH you know she don’t use high heels so yeah, I think she isn’t short^^

    Btw… the second picture. I’m sick of this dress! I have seen it being used bye 7 actress/idols.

  2. What an unfortunate haircut. Why must all “spunky” or even just “normal” heroines have short, unattractive haircuts? See also Baby-faced Beauty. I mean, it’s not like I’m a gorgeous supermodel, and I’m pretty plain, and I have long hair. Bah. Ponytails, people!

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