Musings On Romance Town Episode 7

Sorry for the delay in the commentary series! But hooray for plot movement! Finally! And I was beginning to get worried that we’d still be stuck with the Soon Geum-Shi Ah lie for another couple episodes. The last two episodes felt like the show was stuck in limbo with the plot moving at a snail’s pace, albeit filled with fluffy fillers in between, which made the time go by a whole lot faster. I’m relieved that we’re now slowly getting past the lie, because the longer the lie remains as a main plot point, the bigger consequences there will be.

I was rather surprised that Soon Geum expressed her romantic feelings to Gun Woo first, but it makes sense since it’s not like her to be shy just because she likes a guy. Then again, she confessed while she was a bit tipsy so perhaps the alcohol elevated her boldness. I’m rather disappointed in Gun Woo’s response, having said that their backgrounds are too different and she doesn’t suit him.

Dude, I love you, but just because you went to college doesn’t give you the right to be an ass, lest you forget you were once the laughingstock of society and she was one of the few people who befriended you; she overlooked your physical appearance, but now that you’re thin and you’ve got a hot bod, what do you do? You judge her for failing to meet your trivial expectations. In fact, you’re encouraging her to keep up the lie by choosing to pursue Shi Ah because she looks like she’s got riches and beauty to keep you interested.

I digress. It was also a bit infuriating to have Gun Woo call Young Hee immediately after the confession, to brag about how he’s finally received someone else’s romantic feelings. Because he doesn’t reciprocate those feelings, it makes him the recipient of a one-sided love relationship. ‘Course, when he was overweight, he had always been the one caught up in an one-sided crush. Yet now everything that is happening in his life now is totally reversed from pre-college/fatty days. He loves being on the receiving end of a relationship, but I can’t say I love his attitude about it.

As for Young Hee, though I find him to still be a little bit more interesting than Gun Woo, I’m not sure if I would like to pair him up with Soon Geum anymore. I mentioned in an earlier post that as a character, he would probably be more compatible for her, seeing as how he recognized her inner qualities and flaws, but still liked her regardless. The only problem is, when Soon Geum and Young Hee are around each other, it’s apparent that sparks don’t fly! Rather, when Soon Geum and Gun Woo are together, they become much more awesome, not to mention downright adorable.

I’m glad Gun Woo was able to reunite with Granny, and she in turn was able to discover Soon Geum’s secret and berate her for it. I heartily agree that Soon Geum should have more confidence in herself and be more honest to the men around her. (Random comment that’s not important but I felt like bringing it up anyways: I can’t believe Soon Geum was able to wake up with her face looking perfectly clean and the make up in tact, even though she hadn’t removed it the night before. If that ever happened in real life, well, let’s just say she would probably have panda eyes and an oily face.)

I can’t believe –no, I can believe it, but I don’t like it– that Grandma has some disease, especially right after her reunion with Gun Woo. Oh, and how she left the house and escaped without the two knowing. Like that just doesn’t sit well with me. Even if she has some fatal disease and is about to be killed off or undergo painful treatments in the upcoming episodes, I despise the noble (idiot) act she’s pulling.

Talk about not following your own advice, even if she thinks it’s best to not burden Gun Woo with her problems. After all, by not confronting Gun Woo openly, she’s basically doing exactly what Soon Geum had been doing for the last three episodes– not facing the issue until the truth is revealed. Running away isn’t beneficial to either party, and Granny should know that. Let’s also not forget that noble acts usually end up causing major melo and gnashing of teeth later on.

So my favorite scene from this entire episode was the last two minutes of the show. Let’s just say I was shouting hallelujahs all over the place, because someone finally put two and two together. About time, I’d say! Just when I was about to get tired of all the setups, the drama finally reveals the truth. Perfect timing.

However, I was bummed that Gun Woo was so frank and forthcoming about ending their blossoming relationship, even if I don’t blame him for it. I’m surprised that his reaction to the lie wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Instead, he seems resigned to it, perhaps also knowing that he had a part in the game. I’m excited to see how their relationship will change now that the lie is out. Will they continue to be friends and their chemistry with one another will remain unaffected, or will this mistake be a barrier in their relationship?

So now that this episode is done and over with, let’s all remind ourselves to keep our cool if the drama starts throwing out some curveballs at us in the future. (Yea, I watched 8, but let’s all not talk about 8 until the next commentary post!) When in doubt, just remember to follow what Jung Kyeo Woon is doing below, and all will be well.

Do the turtle dance? Wait, WTH is he doing? Any guesses?


3 thoughts on “Musings On Romance Town Episode 7

  1. Jung Kyeo Woon: You want ME to dig for clams with these newly manicured nails?! Yeah, sorry… but it ain’t gonna happen.

    • AHAHAHAHA. That’s hilarious! More more more! Here’s another:

      “I’m Jung! Kyeo! Woon! Y’know what I’m sayin’? Move aside and let me fly.”

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