Dodo vs. Kaedejun for Jung Kyeo Woon’s Heart: A Discussion

I had loads of fun in this conversation with fellow blogger and friend, Kaedejun, whom most of you know as a guest recapper on Dramabeans. It started out as a battle to MINE Jung Kyeo Woon, but became more of a post about why we love him, with spazzing and declarations of war in between. While I was prepared to bring out penguins and dodos and other creatures for help, it ended up being a much tamer discussion than how I originally expected it to be. We might have another one of these or two in the future, depending on popular demand and when we finish writing our resumes on our past accomplishments related to Jung Kyeo Woon. Just so that we have more to brag about next time. Maybe.

Endodo: Sigh. I think it’s becoming difficult for me to share JKW with you.

Kaedejun: His hotness in Romance Town is becoming too much. I think I need him for myself…No money, but badass? Mine mine mine mine mine.

Endodo: Definitely badass. But a softie at heart. I wub him. MYYYY BABBBYYY.

Kaedejun: *Ahem* I think I claimed him first?

Endodo: Dude, noooooooooooooooo. I claimed him first. I was won over immediately in Dr. Champ.

Kaedejun: But he had me at first smile – when he flipped over the thief in Dr. Champ and returned the purse to Kim So Yeon. And then he’s all, “I like you. Crazily.” *SQUEEEEEEE* Most quoted line ever. Or it should be.

Endodo: Well then, he had me at hello, so to speak. You’re forgetting that I squealed along with you at the time. (And I had originally liked him more, too. Until you decided to jump onboard fairly recently.) Damn, was that really a year ago? Geez.

Kaedejun: Half-a year ago. And now he’s impressing in Romance Town. I wish we could get some good old judo scenes, for the sake of old times. (AHEM – We all discovered Jung Gyu Woon at Dr. Champ – agreed? So we have claim on him in terms of length.)

Endodo: Dammit. Should’ve checked out La Dolce Vita sooner.

Kaedejun: No way – he was in La Dolce Vita? I just know he was in Loving you A Thousand Times. Which was terrible.

Endodo: He was, he was — part of the extended cast.


Endodo: Why, did you watch it? But yea, LDV has been on my to-watch list for over a year. Sigh. I just need to figure out when I have the time.

Kaedejun: It’s gonna be on my to-watch now!!! Wait a sec – did you even watch him in Sign?! Huh? HUH!?

Endodo: I didn’t watch him in Sign. YOU KNOW THAT! Butbutbutbut, I followed your recaps?

Kaedejun: I rest my case.

Endodo: Dude, but that’s ‘cause I couldn’t get past it [episode 1]. I wish I could. But Park Shin Yang makes me want to hurl bricks at my screen.

Kaedejun: HAHAH. But it got loads better! Watch ep 20 – at LEAST! Not only for story, but because Jung Gyu Woon becomes the cutest little thing ever. When he watches TV on the ceiling.

Endodo: You know what’s really interesting? Park, er, Jung Kyeo Woon turns me into a crazy fangirl. He doesn’t have to do anything but stand there for God’s sake, and he’ll make me roll on the floor with glee.

Kaedejun: You mean, crazy dodo?

Endodo: Yes, yes — a crazy dodo indeed. <death glares for anyone who stands in mah way> Mmm speaking of Dr. Champ and Romance Town, we’ve seen a lot of his butt. Wait, why am I mentioning this?


Endodo: I feel so betrayed, especially since we had agreed to share him between ourselves. But if you’re going to MINE him, then I’m not just going to stand by and watch. 🙂 BRING IT ON! I shall win. Muahahaha.

Kaedejun: Hahahah – too bad sistah! I love him way more. He has such a tall, dark and handsome body. Who WOULDN’T want to be hugged by him?

Endodo: Look, you’ve got Park Shi Hoo already. I don’t really have one anymore. Choi Soo Jung doesn’t count because he’s married. So I have to share with Ha Hee Ra anyways. *pouts*

Kaedejun: Unfair – Girlfriday’s got Jung Il Woo and Gong Yoo. YOU TOTALLY HAVE CHOI SOO JUNG!

Endodo: I’m sorry you didn’t get Gong Yoo and Jung Il Woo, but I thought the latter was public property?

Kaedejun: I’m just pointing out that it’s possible to have two…. >_> Is Jung Gyu Woon going to have to be public property too?

Endodo: Y’know, he just might become public property very soon. But dude, so many K-stars have now become public property within the past year. Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, Yoo Seung Ho, and Kim Soo Hyun. Just to list a few.

Kaedejun: But, but, but – there are only two drama stars I follow on Twitter – him and Park Shi Hoo. That’s how important they are to me.

Endodo: And guess who (oh man, I sound like such a petty child) linked his twitter to yours? ><” Ahem. *waits for showers of praise and thank yous*

Kaedejun: I would’ve figured it out eventually… *rolls eyes to left and whistles*

Endodo: What was the point of this again? Oh right. You. Stay. Off. My. JKW. MINE. <stares at recent photos of him. Mmmmmm. Drools>

Kaedejun: Anyways, I got a New Yorker’s attitude.

Endodo: Pffffft. There we go again with the ‘I love New York’ statements. 😛

Kaedejun: *Ahem* May I point out that Gun Woo came to NYU? Though he’s an idiot and lives up to the moniker “Now You Useless,” I still have to say he came to NYC, not California. 😀

Endodo: Oh, you mean that dorm-that-was-so-not-NYU-but-a-flag-that-had-NYU’s-emblem, that NYU? If it was in LA, it’d have been much more realistic. ‘Cause we have more room here!

Kaedejun: But – East Coast is where it’s at, yo!

Endodo: More like it’s where Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are at. >,> It does bother me a tad bit when all these dramas have the characters going to the East Coast to study. Hey, we West Coasters are awesome too! (Can I get an Amen?) Moving on…

Kaedejun: You can get a: “Holy crap – he was in Dr. Kkang! Wait-ze-wait! Too many dramas for this young fella!”

Endodo: WHOA. WITH HAN GA IN?!? Clearly we need to learn more about this guy. Maybe take a “History On The Life of Jung Kyeo Woon” class.

Kaedejun: Argh. Yeah. See this is why I like him – like Park Shi Hoo, he’s been around for a while, playing second fiddle and what not.

Endodo: And suddenly, BAM, he pops out of nowhere and “steals the show.” He did that in Dr. Champ, didn’t he?

Kaedejun: Totally – he stole the show from Uhm Tae Woong, whom I believe was supposed to be the main male lead, even if he doesn’t get Kim So Yeon. There’s something to say about an actor who sneaks up on you like that. He doesn’t have to be a looker (although Jung Gyu Woon is one) but he’s got the charisma.

Endodo: Perhaps it’s because no matter who he plays, he plays them with heart and tugs on your heartstrings. AND THAT’S WHY I WUB HIM SOOOOO MUCH.

Kaedejun: And another thing is he manages to have chemistry with his female leads, which is more than I can say about Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin – there’s no special *spark* between them, but Jung Gyu Woon manages to create one with his female leads. Even if it’s not necessarily convincing all the time, he makes them look more special and treasured.

Endodo: I actually adore CSW and GHJ in Best Love, but I love love love JKW as Gun Woo. It’s weird to say this, but I love how he’s so imperfect and flawed, yet so awesome because he’s not the knight in shining armor type of guy, nor is he the next door fella every mom wants. But that’s not to say that he’s like an idiot that needs to depend on others, or an immature kid. He’s a contradictory of sorts, with all those qualities and more, and I dig that. At times, he can be a jackass and a bastard, but then he’ll do something so subtle, that ends up being ridiculously romantic and sweet.

Kaedejun: I prefer JGW to CSW, for the simple reason that if JGW has something ridiculous to do, he can still pull it off with grace. CSW comes off as awkward and campy when he does something cheesy, but JGW can do it and his boyish looks will save him. I will dread when he goes to the army, if he hasn’t been yet. I think it’s time to catch up on his other dramas. I feel oddly ashamed to not have watched La Dolce Vita now. Temporary truce? I’m signing up for “History on the Life of Jung Gyu Woon” class.

Endodo: Yea, until we get enough credentials or whatnot, let’s call it a truce for now. Until next time? Hee!


8 thoughts on “Dodo vs. Kaedejun for Jung Kyeo Woon’s Heart: A Discussion

  1. Oh gosh, you ladies are hilarious! Ahem, although I do know someone who claimed him since “Women of the Sun”… *runs off and hides*

      • Whoever gets between me & JKW will receive a death glare in return. But because I wub you & your blog, you won’t get a death glare, though I WILL be watching you very carefully in the future. 😛

      • That person isn’t me, I swear! I come in peace. (Although I do want a piece of JGW for myself as well…) I was running lest anyone catches sight of me being a shady snitch.

        I call it “Plan Gather-Them-All-and-Have-Them-Fight-At-It-With-Each-Other-While-I-Grab-Him-For-Myself-And-Make-A-Run-With-Him.”

  2. He is great in LDV….super manipulative and bad…but great in LDV. And I kind of wish he would pick more interesting roles like that b/c he is talented and it would be good to see him in more complex roles. Though I don’t have a crush on him (he’s just not my type?), I’m oddly intrigued by him b/c of LDV I think…

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