Romance Town Episode 10 Spoiler Photos

Oooh I love the lighting of that shot above. What a beautiful blue shade of color for the background. Thank you KBS for finally updating your spoiler photos page! I mean that with all sincerity, with no sarcasm intended. After all, how can I not be grateful for these spoilery photos that increase my anticipation, yet also appeases my appetite for more? However, it looks like KBS is cutting down on the spoilers now that we’re at the drama’s halfway point, perhaps because we’ve caught up to the live filming, and everyone is scrambling to make the episode go on air on schedule. It’s either that, or they’ve been procrastinating.

I know that these spoiler photos come too late for some of you who watch the episodes live. But for those of you RT addicts, including myself, whom have yet to watch tonight’s episode, here ya go! Looks like Da Kyum and Young Hee get cozy…. Or is it all a lie and instead of smiles, we should expect showers of tears and rain? Click the jump for more.

Photo Source: KBS’s Romance Town Official Website


4 thoughts on “Romance Town Episode 10 Spoiler Photos

  1. Oh RTers, you must watch the end of 8 to understand that above scene. But I can tell you this, they didn’t actually “sleep” together, but because Young Hee was intoxicated, Da Kyum took advantage of the situation & sorta tricked him into thinking that they did. At least that’s what I understood from the end of episode 8 & the previews for 9. (Still have yet to watch the actual episode, though.)

  2. I really hope this is just a lie on the part of DK. I hated her for saying YH to take responsibility -OMG ,why force herself into him . What , just because she likes him its going to be reciprocal ! YH definitely is now to desperate for DK not to expect anything , I have a feeling he wants her out of his household . Of course the scripwriter will eventually make him fall for her . Please no neat tying of end ribbons. In real life we don’t get what we want just because we want it so . Maybe she can end with GW and SG with YH . Heheheh -exchange prisoner .

    Wait can you give me the scripwriter’s email. Maybe she can try to use some unexpected ending ideas.

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