You’ve Fallen For Me’s Woori for Oh Boy!

Actress Woori is seen in this photoshoot for Korea’s Oh Boy! Magazine, where it’s notable that she slimmed down and toned her body.  Good lord, just look at ’em thighs and legs. For this shoot, she was going for a femme fatale look, and the camera was able to capture her youthful appearance.

To be honest, I’ve never heard of her prior to the casting for You’ve Fallen For Me, but she has had two dramas under her belt–Crime Squad and Supermom, both of which I haven’t watched. Her upcoming character is Park Shin Hye’s rival for Jung Yong Hwa’s affections, having liked Jung’s Lee Shin for years since high school. She’s supposed to be another one of those mean rivals, and attempts to put herself between Park and Jung and prevent them from getting romantically involved. How lovely. I’m sure we’ve all seen this character for, oh, only a bazillion-trillion-gazillionth time.

Nonetheless, since I’ve never seen her act before, I look forward to seeing her in You’ve Fallen For Me, though I admit I’m wary of the typical second female lead beyotch that’s so rampant in Korean trendy rom-coms. Directing this is Pyu Min Su from Full House and Coffee House. The drama premieres June 29 on MBC, following Best Love. (NUUUUU!!!! Best Love ending?!? No freaking way! *cries)

And wow, she kind of looks anorexic in the photo below.

Source: Nate


One thought on “You’ve Fallen For Me’s Woori for Oh Boy!

  1. Hmmm. I find her kind of stiff and unexpressive, but maybe it’s just the shoot. And she’s got gorgeous legs, but her arms look like toothpicks! I hope she hasn’t been starving herself.

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