Lee Yo Won cuts her hair and sits down with 10Asia

Uh, how the heck did I miss this interview (part 1, 2) that was released earlier this past week? Actress Lee Yo Won (Queen Seon Deok, Fashion 70s) recently wrapped up 49 Days along with fellow acting colleagues Jo Hyun Jae, Jung Il Woo, Bae Soo Bin, and Nam Gyu Ri, and now that she’s on a break, she took the time to answer some questions by 10Asia. No inquiries about her personal life could be asked, though, because she is extremely private about her family life.

The highlight of this interview was reading Lee Yo Won talk about what it was like working on the set of 49 Days and portraying two characters in one body. She mentioned that it was harder for her to play Song Yi Kyung because she hadn’t understood why her character would be so depressed and suicidal over a guy that died since she had never experienced it for herself. It wasn’t until after she realized Yi Soo was Yi Kyung’s everything–her family, her lover, her best friend–that she was able to really get into character.

There was also some questions asked about her past works, including why she doesn’t really star in rom-coms and how she chooses her works, and more about her acting techniques. I love how Lee Yo Won knows she isn’t the greatest actress in the world, and how she realizes she still has much to improve on. Acknowledging one’s weaknesses is truly admirable, and for that, I applaud her.

She certainly isn’t one of my favorite K-actresses, but seeing her as both Song Yi Kyung and Shin Ji Hyun made me like her more. This was the only role in which I felt I could connect with her character(s), and where she really played them with all her heart. Lee Yo Won was never a bad actress, per se, but one that didn’t seem to know how to work the camera or carry that crucial screen presence in her past works. In other words, I always felt she was quite mediocre in her previous roles, often being overshadowed by her fellow actors and actresses.

49 Days altered my opinion of her completely. She had not only the acting chops to play a woman obsessed/woman inhabiting a body, but had a warm onscreen charisma that surprised me. Let’s also not forget the wonderful chemistry she had with all her co-stars, which in my opinion, played a huge factor in the show’s success.

It may be a while before we see her again, but based on her performance in 49 Days, I’m optimistic about her future roles. I’m sure she’ll continue to improve and become a better actress whose works we will continue to appreciate. That is, I’m assuming she’ll continue to choose better projects and characters to play in the future.

For more photos, go check out 10Asia.

Source: 10Asia


6 thoughts on “Lee Yo Won cuts her hair and sits down with 10Asia

  1. Thanks for the post. I really liked her in 49 Days, she really made Sung Yi Kyung and Shin Ji Hyun believable to me. I’m definitely looking forward to her future projects. 😀

  2. Thanks for sharing!!! as for me, i have come to like her and the way she acts way back when she did “Bad Love”.. I really like her a lot because she’s beautiful. And Ive watched Queen Seon Deok because she’s there and I liked her more to her role there…very amazing really… And as for 49Days, I watched and became addicted to it because of her (well, except for Jung Il woo..hahah)!!! I waited patiently week after week for the next episodes and cried with many of its followers also..hahaha..

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