Kim Ye Won Sings For Manny’s OST

Y’all are crazy, y’know! Thanks for the comments and for those of you who’ve voted thus far on the Romance Town Open Thread & Poll. The poll doesn’t close until later this week, so get your voice heard if you still want to participate! So far, the general consensus on one of the questions is that there needs to be more Romance Town-related posts on this blog and more enabling. Well, a dodo certainly can’t say ‘no’ to that!

I’m glad that some of you delurked to write about your thoughts on the drama, and I’ll be back later today to respond to some of ’em. Whether you enjoy Romance Town or not, feel free to join in on the discussion. The more varying opinions, the funner it is!

Most of you know Actress Kim Ye Won (her real name’s Kim Shin Ah, but decided to use a stage name starting with Romance Town) as the maid Thu Zar Lin in KBS’s currently airing drama, Romance Town, but most of you probably don’t know that she also sings, too. She recently tweeted a photo of herself (pictured above) holding a hard copy of Manny’s OST. The song she sang is titled “이런 바보 What A Fool/This Fool” and it’s her second contribution to a drama’s soundtrack this year alone, having participated for New Tales Gisaeng‘s soundtrack album earlier in the year as well.

She plays a minimal role in Romance Town, so I don’t have reason not to like her as one of the maids in this drama, but I think her acting skills are limited. Her Vietnamese is pretty off from what I’ve heard, but that’s not what bothers me. She just happens to be one of the maids I’m currently not interested in, so whenever her scenes come up, I’m start zoning out a bit. Sure, it would be nice if the plot delved more into the other maids’ own backstory, but there’s just so many other unsolved mysteries and newer dilemmas going on with our main leads, that I think it will be difficult for the writer to spend more time on the other minor maids individually.

Anyway, check out the song she sang for Manny. She has a decent voice, yet as far as the song goes, it just doesn’t grab me emotionally. Still, not bad.

Here’s another song she sang, but this one’s for New Tales Gisaeng‘s OST:

Source: Naver



2 thoughts on “Kim Ye Won Sings For Manny’s OST

  1. Her Vietnamese is not only off, I think she invented a new language. *cringe*

    Are you still watching Manny? How is it?

    • Ugh, that bad? I’m supposed to finish the last 3 episodes of Manny, but it’s entered the unnecessary angsty and ridiculous, OTT shenanigans stage that I’m not sure if it’s my top priority right now. I was cringing at the budding “romance” in Manny, because it’s just SO awkward and contrived. Oh well, guess I’ll finish it one of these days.

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