More released stills from RT Episode 10 and some BTS clips

Wheeeeeeee!!! See, this is why study breaks are awesome! I don’t have much except for these few stills from Romance Town 10 — well actually, that’s a lie. I’m choosing not to post more about Romance Town tonight, and will have a bigger post ready tomorrow when something I’m waiting for arrives. On the other hand, look at the BTS clips for episodes 8-10, particularly one of interest is how they shot the kissing scene for episodes 8 and 9.

Before you watch it below, I must say that filming the kissing scenes was more awkward than I thought it would be, but I liked watching it despite the awkwardness. And not for the reasons you’re thinking right now. (There was actually a lot less lip action in reality than what was conveyed in the episode.)

I adored the BTS for episode 8, where Jung Kyeo Woon is lying in bed right after the robbery accident, and playing around. God, I freaking love him. Oh, and the BTS for episode 10 is with Min Hyo Rin and Kim Min Joon, right before the “hook-up” scene. So there you have it. I believe my job is done as the Romance Town enabler tonight, so off I go to take care of my real life duties!

In descending order:

Episode 10 BTS

Episode 9 BTS

Episode 8 BTS

Source: Official Website for KBS’s Romance Town and blinkzgalaxy2’s youtube channel.


5 thoughts on “More released stills from RT Episode 10 and some BTS clips

  1. It’s gotta be totally awkward to moon a room full of people over and over again. Or “kiss” repeatedly but really just hover an inch from the other person’s mouth. kkk

  2. hi endodo…. soweee, i initially thought this was you weekend posts on the RoTo. you can just delete the post if this is not.

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