Min Hyo Rin turns into a bride, making Dodo want to wear ze dresses!

Is today “tease endodo and make her covet dresses” day? Gosh, these dresses. I wants. I wantssssss! (And the shoes, accessories, and jewelry that come along with dresses too!)

When she’s not filming for Romance Town, Min Hyo Rin is keeping herself busy by modeling for magazines and name brands. Her latest shoot is for J Style magazine, and she’s seen wearing various wedding dresses from Jenny House. Going from chic to cute, then back to sexy, Min really demonstrates that she’s the perfect doll-like model for whatever occasion.

Well, it’s good to see her elsewhere besides Romance Town, because her character is sort of driving me to the wall at the moment. (I’m behind and I haven’t finished episode 10, so I’m not sure what happens with her in the latest episode.)

I think Min Hyo Rin is the kind of actress and model a lot of people would die to be. She really knows how to showcase the clothes she’s wearing, and the camera obviously loves her. Yet she almost carries similar expressions in every shoot I’ve seen her in. Or is it just me? Like I said, she’s a doll — almost akin to porcelain.

Meanwhile, check out three dresses down below. Would you wear any, either for your wedding or just for fun? I think I would…

This last photo of Min is probably my favorite dress out of this collection, though I doubt I could pull this off if I were the one to wear it.

Source: Naver


2 thoughts on “Min Hyo Rin turns into a bride, making Dodo want to wear ze dresses!

  1. A little too over-the-top for me, but I do like the last one. Gah, weddings are in the freaking air right now, there must be something in the water. It’s even my parents’ 26th anniversary today! ~goes off to brood~

  2. Ooh! Ooh! The pretty! I like the Princess Catherine one, but the last one is the only one I might be able to wear . . . if only I looked good in ruffles! Gorgeous!

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