Romance Town Episode 11 preview and more stills

These two are just too cute. Sorry for the wait, but I was also waiting for this preview from KBS that finally dropped today in their YouTube account. For some reason, the VOD link doesn’t work on google chrome, but it worked on internet explorer and firefox, so I decided to wait to post the preview until the YouTube version arrived. Oh, and besides the preview, KBS also released some more stills of Kim Min Joon, so for all the Young Hee fans out there, this is your long-awaited present! Now I gotta run, or else I’m going to get a lecture from Mama Dodo for keeping her waiting.

I can’t comment on the YouTube preview except to say that the romantic triangular angst is officially fermenting. Yippee!

For some reason, I’m finding Kim Min Joon to be a whole lot sexier when he wears glasses. Yes, put a pair of spectacles on a man, and my love for him will increase exponentially. I can’t help it, I love the nerdy look.

Wait, is it a change in hairstyle? Why does he suddenly look so attractive (to me)? O_O

Sources: KBS YouTube channel and Romance Town’s official website page


5 thoughts on “Romance Town Episode 11 preview and more stills

  1. Yep. I’m all for the nerd look too. I checked out the KBS YT channel, and it just made my day to read the description… it was totally google translation. 🙂

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