Romance Town Episode 12 Preview and more stills

Awww, so adorables!

I know what some of you are thinking. Too much Romance Town stuff and not enough posts on other dramas, Dodo! Sorries, it’s not that I’m so obsessed about Romance Town that I’ve forgotten about other dramas that I’ve written about before such as Miss Ripley, Best Love, or Manny; rather, I’m literally swamped with so much work right now that I’m finding it hard to focus on more than one drama at the moment. I promise that reviews and recaps (I swear I haven’t forgotten my Lord of the Rings recaps) will be coming more consistently in the upcoming months.

Well, for those of you who wub RT, here’s a preview for 12! Based on the preview, everything seems pretty ho-hum to me. A quick snapshot of Hwang Yong and Soon Geum bonding, as well as more bromance between Young Hee and Gun Woo. The most interesting part of the preview is seeing how Soo Jung’s suspicions are confirmed. I have no idea how she was able to gain access to the security cameras of the convenience store where Soon Geum bought her ticket, but nevertheless, the truth is out! Or so I hope.

Now I need to catch up on Episode 11 and figure out what the heck is going on between these two down below:

Source: KBS’s  Official Website for Romance Town 


3 thoughts on “Romance Town Episode 12 Preview and more stills

  1. The crisis are in several points if my basic Korean serves me good -one ,SG with the unraveling of her jackpot winning and how there was a chance of ticket mixed up and the deal she made with one of the maids.
    Two , the forgery issue on the paintings and how YH’s world’s imminent collapse because the foundation of his wealth was dependent on those paintings ,third the issue of lying from GW ‘s perspective ,fourth , the early retirement of one of the maids . I don’t want to consider DK’s “problem” that she thinks YH created . She is too thick faced to assert herself to the point that she had to hurt SG . I hate that character . But I know how she will ingratiate herself to YH when the latter will lose everything except that small painting (bleh) and she will be there to console him -though SG had always been there for him. I wonder if GW is not feeling jealous at all .

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