YouTube Highlight of the Day: 8-year old Mongolian boy sings for China’s Got Talent

While a lot of people have watched the segment of Korea’s Got Talent featuring Choi Sung Bong, the 22-year old that rocked the stage and took Korea — and the entertainment world– by storm with his performance and his sad personal story, there’s one other orphaned child that’s been currently rising to fame, too. The individual I’m talking about comes from the same show, but hosted in a different country. This time it’s China’s Got Talent and the featured artist’s name is 烏達木 (Wu Da Mu).

There are English subtitles for the conversation between the judges and contestant in this video, but in the end, it doesn’t matter because he sings in a language most of us don’t understand, myself included. Just wait until you hear his voice. Oh, just you wait. (Better have some tissues ready, too).

He’s a Mongolian child that lost his mother to a fatal illness, and also lost his father shortly thereafter to a car accident. He’s only 8 years old, but seems to be so much more mature than a lot of kids his age because of the tragedies he’s had to face. I think that even if he was an adult who sang this, I’d still bawl my eyes out if I heard this.

I’ve watched this numerous of times, yet the effect is still the same — I tear up and cry. It’s not his tragic story that gets me, but the way he sings and who he’s singing this song to. When he hits a few high notes, it sounds as if he’s literally crying out to his mother in heaven, which is when I start falling to pieces.

The song is sung with so much emotion, and it’s easy to empathize with what he’s feeling despite not knowing the lyrics. (And this is why I think it’s stupid when a few of my friends tell me that they never listen to songs in foreign languages because they have to understand the lyrics; music is a universal language that needs no words. Period.)

Oh God. Just talking about his performance brings fresh tears to my eyes. This child inspires me to really live my life with a purpose, and to keep moving forward even when life knocks you down to your knees. He may be young, but he’s not letting his age affect him from continuing to do what he loves, which in this case is singing. A lot of bad things may have happened to him, but he’s still moving forward.

Watch this and be prepared to be inspired. Thanks to my dear friend mookie for sharing this with me last week.


15 thoughts on “YouTube Highlight of the Day: 8-year old Mongolian boy sings for China’s Got Talent

  1. Thank you a lot for sharing this wonderful moment! ( so much poor eyes)
    His voice is so pure and it’s a real pleasure.
    he’s cute too

  2. So touching. ^-^ There’s been an onslaught of these kinds of stories in these kinds of shows, it seems. Ever since Susan Boyle or whatever. Hahaha. Never fails to move audiences though, for sure. Thanks for sharing, honey!

  3. this annoys me. turns out his voice was dubbed over by another boy’s voice. this is the original (with his real voice that is just as good):


    I’ve heard of all the ‘scandals’ spinning around in days after I first heard him singing….yet when I click your YT link, actually before I even think of clicking, I’m bracing myself for the tears acoming. It’s Pavlovian, he sings, I tear.

    ‘It’s not his tragic story that gets me, but the way he sings and who he’s singing this song to. When he hits a few high notes, it sounds as if he’s literally crying out to his mother in heaven, which is when I start falling to pieces.’

    No Truer Words. What gets to me most is that tender calmness, there’s sth very distilled in his singing, the emotion is purely his love for his mom. I don’t feel the pain or the anguish or the unfairness he may feel sometimes, in life, almost like he doesn’t wish that upon his mom to find him in any suffering because of her passing.

  5. “It’s Pavlovian, he sings, I tear”

    I couldn’t have said it better…
    Watching it a second time, with the “true” live made me cry my eyes out again. His “real” voice sounded more natural than the first video I should say, more since, hence more crying for me.
    And with the translation, it had a double effect on me…

    Like everybody else (if not, YOU’RE A MONSTER), I just wanted to hug this little boy as hard as I could, and in a way I was pleased that the female judge did it. But, truthfully, it bothered me. It seems like she did it more for herself than for the little boy. I don’t know this girl, and I’m not saying she did that for her personal fame or whatnot, what I mean is that she was sad, and she wanted to quench this sadness (HERS, not really HIS) by hunging him…Dunno if I’m making sense here…*joker card: I’m french ! Hello!*)
    She didn’t test to see first if the boy was really ok, and I think her move was quite irrespectful of this boy. Even more when she almost asked him to cry (I loved the reaction of the guy judge at that moment. Girl, you ought to know that not everybody react like you would).

    Phew, all this rant when I just wanted to thank you ! lol

    • Um… I think perhaps you have misunderstood about that “Girl” judge. Actually, that “Girl” judge you referred to is a 40+years old woman and she is a mother. All the judges of the China’s Got Talent are famous stars(singers and or actors/actresses) of China. The reason why she wanted to Wu Da Mu is because she wanted to give him a motherly hug which he had long craved for. Although we can see that Wu Da Mu is quite shy about it. That female judge said she wanted to represent all the mothers on earth to give him a motherly hug and asked him if he is alright with it. And Wu Da Mu said he is okay with it. So she hugged him. Most of you may not know it but that female judge is actually a married woman and she did have a son. However, she and her ex-husband divorced and her son is taken away by her ex-husband. That is to say, she had lost her son. So, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that after she knows that Wu Da Mu is an orphaned boy and how he has missed the motherly love he lost(although he never showed it in any form of childish reaction since he is very mature), that female judge suddenly feels like a mother again and is willing to love him like a mother.

  6. He is 12, not 8. His parents passed in a hospital few hours after the car accident on the way back home from Wu Da Mu’s performance when he was 8 years old. Tragic. There are interviews, older videos and the actual story (car accident) of Wu Da Mu or Uudam on youtube. Very intriguing and touching story.

  7. ten chlopiec jest wspanialy rzeczywiscie spiewa jak aniol ,jego spiew to wolanie o matczyna milosc jak go slucham to lzy nachodza mi do oczu za kazdym razem .

  8. Even I am a 11 years old child, I still can understand how Damu felt without his parents and lives each day by himself. I was surprise that he still can calm down when his parents passed away.

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