Musings on Romance Town Episodes 8-12

Since I’m behind on my commentary, I thought I should just talk about all the episodes I’ve seen thus far, and try to catch up with the series. This isn’t going to be a gigantic post, though, and I’ll try to keep my thoughts brief.

Romance Town is interesting in that it’s a show I enjoy and really like, but there are several factors that keep it from becoming an awesome drama that I love. And based on the poll, it seems as if a lot of you feel the same way. At this point, it also seems to be another one of those dramas I may watch once, but never want to rewatch later on because it’s not a drama that I could probably watch a second time and still enjoy it.

When watching RT, I feel as if I’m riding a roller coaster. I know there’s eventually going to be highs and lows during the ride, where the cart must ascend to a high point before it plummets to the bottom. Without the drops, the ups and downs, the ride would lose its purpose. It wouldn’t be a roller coaster without ’em. Nor would it be as awesome.

It’s certainly an exhilarating experience — the rush of adrenaline and your heart pounding like crazy and you feel butterflies in your stomach — that makes you crave for more. However, during the ride, there’s moments of when nothing happens; when you expect another fall, only to find yourself coasting inside the cart.

That’s how I feel about Romance Town right now. I’m constantly feeling as if I’m on a high, then a low, and then just blegh. I thought episodes 8-10 were an improvement in execution, plotting, and acting; but episodes 11-12 returned to the mediocre, ho-hum stage. Again.

After talking it over with a few of my Kdrama sisters who were watching Romance Town, I came to the conclusion that the drama’s biggest flaws lies within the writing and execution. My biggest gripe after watching episode 12 was that there’s not enough tension for me. It’s either that there’s not enough tension, or it’s just that the kind of tension we have now isn’t deep enough for me. Which sounds weird, I know, but given the stakes that we have to work with (ie: the lottery and the love square that’s not really a love square), the drama should seem as if it’s moving brisky, but it’s not. Instead, the plot feels is trudging along, even when there’s revelations and new sub-plots emerging in each episode.

The drama sometimes throws a few small curveballs here and there, but eventually falls flat when it’s supposed to hit a cresendo. I sound a tad frustrated, because I am. I really, really do like this show. It makes me smile and laugh, but as far as plotting goes, it’s just not structured as tightly as I would like it to be. There tends to be a lot of dramatic build up, but when it’s time for the truth to be revealed, it’s handled quite clumsily. In the end, it turns out to be a lame kiddie version of dramatic angst — one that’s predictable and totally unnecessary, making me wonder what was the point in all of that build up in the first place if we get a faux resolution.

Another thing is that the lottery ticket plot line and the romance is slowly becoming uninteresting and boring. Truth be told, I don’t care about the money or what’s going to happen to Soon Geum when everyone finds out that’s she’s a millionaire and that the winning ticket was really purchased by all the maids. I cared a lot more back in episodes 1-2, because I had initially thought that winning the lottery would lead to hijinks that would be a basis for character growth. Now that the drama’s inching closer to the finish line, the lottery plot is turning out to be a crutch as its main focal point, since we still have eight episodes left in the series.

I have a hunch that the drama’s going to drag out the lottery shenanigans for another couple of episodes. I’m not looking forward to it, but it’s probably going to happen. I mean, what else can happen in this show? Since there really is no love triangle anymore, since Soon Geum already rejected Young Hee, I don’t see why she’s sort of still leading him on and giving Gun Woo mixed feelings.

I’m honestly not sure what I’m supposed to feel about it anymore. It’s an entertaining show, yes, but my disgruntlement is increasing by the episodes if the drama doesn’t manage to start answering a lot of the questions and find its main footing. And even if they manage to totally screw up the logic and plot in the remaining episodes, all I want is more Gun Woo. Is that so much to ask?


5 thoughts on “Musings on Romance Town Episodes 8-12

  1. I agree with you. I thought eps 11-12 were a step back, tension-wise, and I have to say this whole lottery thing is getting boring. I’m getting really tired of the oldest maid (Soojung?), and I thought her reaction to learning Soon-geum’s secret was waaay OTT. We just don’t really know anything about her to care enough. Honestly, though I’m mostly okay with Soon-geum and Gun-woo’s relationship, they haven’t had a lot of time together in recent episodes for people who are supposed to be involved. Too much of recent eps has been about side characters who really don’t deserve that much airtime, IMO. I think RT has not enough plot spread over too many episodes. In that sense, I think Pasta is a much better drama; maybe nothing happened, but at least the romantic tension was better and Chef and Yoo-kyung, you know, actually interacted. But I still like RT, it’s just not my crack.

    That would be City Hunter, kkk. ^_^

  2. I also agree with your thoughts. I find myself not really caring about the lottery plot line. Instead, I’m actually feeling bored. And I also feel so confused about Soon Geum. She says she likes Gun Woo and she rejected Young Hee already, but it seems as if she’s still hanging onto Young Hee. She sure seems like she’s two-timing lol. But really, I’m getting quite annoyed with her misleading Young Hee and making Gun Woo feel even more insecure. Ehh..I don’t know anymore, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens later..and yessss, more Gun Woo please! hehe šŸ˜€

  3. For me, it’s different cos i really prefer RT at Pasta …( it was a real agony to finish Pasta…so boring that i didn’t want italian food anymore!)

    maybe it’s JGW ‘ syndrome…

  4. i am a fan of both Jung Gyu Woon and Sung Yuri so i totally disagree with the comments on the episodes that are@a#?. For me Romance Town is so refreshing like a breath of fresh air compared to the other regular Korean dramas that are about impossible love or rich guy ends up with poor girl with a twist. The topic on maids is an effort to honor these hardworking men and women who spend their lives and strength to serve other families. KBS is smart to give some break to this kind of plots. GOOD LUCK and more power! Besides Jung GYU Woon is so hot, tall, lean and handsome grrr!

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