Choi Siwon in his full half-nekkid glory


There are absolutely no words to describe Super Junior’s Choi Siwon right now. This is his personal teaser for the group’s upcoming album and holy shisus. I-I-AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Is anyone else spazzing over this right now? That totally woke me up from my jetlagged state of mind. August 3rd, I await you.

Credit: xiaoSxin and DanceGeWoon4Lyf 


11 thoughts on “Choi Siwon in his full half-nekkid glory

  1. Oh my gosh. What the HECK are those shorts?! I’m not so sure about SuJu’s concept this time around…the teasers photos have been interesting, to say the least. But I can’t fault anything that lets me see my Siwon-i in a delicious state of undress. ^_^

  2. okayyy these suju concept photos have been really weird and off-beat to say the least.. and siwon’s one is just… no-words-to-describe… i can’t even start to imagine what was going on in their stylist’s head.. but omg bronzed chest and itsy bitsy yellow shorts/briefs in their full glory, what will mommy say.. nosebleed….

    • oh whatever that was going on in their stylist’s head isnt something mommy would approve i dare say.. and yeahh, not half nekkid, more than three-fourths.. if he’d just shrug off that troublesome red jacket a leeeetle more… ahem i mean, it’s a sorry excuse for some attempt at modesty ain’t it… and may i just add that this image isnt safe for office time viewing…. back to fanning myself

  3. When I saw this for the first time on AKP the other day, I laughed so hard that the 6 people that were with me in my car thought I had gone bonkers….dont get me wrong…yes, he’s hot…but the styling is ridiculously funny…big red coat that’s flying off his shoulders +neon short shrots = 0__O…and I thought that it couldn’t get any worse than Lee teuk’s…..I mean those short shorts are so TIGHT…you can literally see everything…what exactly are they trying to do here???

    • oh yeah i had to bite my lips to stop myself from laughing out loud… i know these are concept photos, but when the thought of them dancing in these monstrocities entered my head….. i nearly bust a gut laughing.. poor siwon baby, the stylist must hate him. either that or have an (un)selfish personal agenda for having him wear as little as legally possible.. and those are not short shorts c’mon…. they’re practically underpants.. and somehow, while fangirls all over the world drool over his abs and the pervier ones oogle his package, i personally think this image wouldnt look outta place in a gay pride parade… *runs and hides from indignant suju fans*

  4. I’m sorry, when I saw this photo, I just laughed like a loon. It’s so out there. My own theory is that they were going for a sort of neon superhero thing, and what they ended up with was just….silly. And if I was his momma, I’d be having a serious talk with the stylist! LOL!

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