What happened in Taiwan

(Why, yes, I took this shot myself. )

Hah! I hope none of you misread that title for “What Happened in Bali,” although I would forgive you if you did since I myself just finished marathoning that drama a week ago.

Now that I’m back to the States, it took me about a week to get over jetlag. The first week back was the hardest to get used to. It felt as if I was trying to rouse myself from a dream every day. I would wake up in my own bed (but in a new house that was still in the process of remodeling!) and expect to hear the bustling noise of cars and people outside the streets. I would expect to open my bedroom door and see the faces of my relatives and hear them reply back to me in Mandarin Chinese. Only several minutes later would I remind myself that I was no longer in Asia, particularly a tiny, albeit overpopulated country — and my favorite place in the entire planet– by the name of Taiwan.

So why didn’t you blog while you were there when you had the time to? What happened during your trip and what did you do while you were there? Where are the photos that you promised to post?

I’m sure those are just a few questions you — yes, YOU! — have been wondering when you kept checking back on this blog for updates during the past month and received none in return.

Here’s what happened: Apathy. That and stress. And lack of sleep.

While I was away for a month, I spent the majority of my trip teaching English in various cities across Taiwan, and for two very different organizations. (One was for non-profit organization, where I taught at churches/schools, and the other was at a  tutoring center.) I started working crazy hours before I even got over my jetlag. There was just so much to do, so little time to do it all.

Yet despite having to suddenly adjust to the hectic new lifestyle, I made a lot of new friends and enjoyed myself. Though I was the teacher sent to teach English to the children and teenagers present, I felt that I was the one on the receiving end. It was truly a rewarding experience that I would love to repeat all over again. In fact, I would love to hop on the next flight back and spend the rest of my life doing what I just did.

I did have a few days to relax and spend time with my extended family. However, I was on such a tight schedule  that by the time I was able to catch up with family matters, my trip was almost over. *sad face*

I came back and my first priority was to get used to the time zone here, which I think was finally accomplished three days ago. Now I’ve  been busy trying to catch up on what I missed while I was gone. No dramas besides finishing What Happened in Bali and Best Love. I still haven’t finished Romance Town and I have yet to watch City Hunter; nor have I checked out any of the other dramas currently airing right now. I’ll get to them eventually. There’s no hurry.

I promised my buddy kaedejun that I would take photos of food while I was in Taiwan so this latter portion of this post is dedicated to her. But since I like sharing, y’all can have a look as well.

Just a note before you read on: my camera’s not that great and alas, I’m not a great photographer. You’ve been warned!

“Pig’s blood cake.” It is literally made entirely of pig’s blood and breading, I think. Not that I would like to know more. I had one bite of this and decided that I couldn’t stomach the rest. To be honest, it tasted like unsalted cake so it wasn’t bad, per se, only that I’m not very fond of blood. I’ll leave the blood-sucking to vampires (that would be Stephanie Meyer, er, I mean Edward Cullen and co.), thank you very much.

Milk candy. One of my favorite candies of all time. 😀

Fried chicken. It’s always sold in midnight markets and it’s usually a hit. At this particular food stand that I went to, people will gladly line up for almost half an hour to get their hands on a piece of this!

The following is what I ate at one of the all-you-can-eat buffets in Taiwan. Brace yourself for some major food spam.

Can you handle more photos of food? I think I’ll post a few more of my faves.

Beef noodles soup. It was glorious, I tell you.

Yogurt green tea (and a friend’s thumb). Instead of craving for boba, I always longed for more of this instead.

The literal translation of this is “Cold noodles.” It is served cold, usually with peanut sauce and topped with cucumbers. Mine also had a bit of minced meat and the noodles came with miso soup. It looks small, but this filled me up real quick. This particular family restaurant is located in the heart of one of Taipei’s largest midnight markets, and is famous for their cold noodles. It was a packed house that night, with many people lining right outside to get seats.

Mango shaved ice. I’m totally drooling now, too.

All-you-can-eat hot pot. You choose what veggies and meat to throw into the pot or the grill. Yummylicious!

Last but not least, this is hands down my favorite dish. Can you guess? It’s fried stinky tofu! I can eat this anytime, anywhere! Too bad it’s so caloric…

Now who wants to go to Taiwan with me? Because I can be there in 3…2…1….

*closes eyes, opens them*

Imagination does not equal reality.

However, it’s good to be back! Hope to be blogging more regularly for the next two months, before I must put my education before Kdramas and blogging.


11 thoughts on “What happened in Taiwan

  1. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! The DESSERTS!!!!! And the beef noodle soup! I remember having it in shanghai (taiwanese restaurant) and it was soooooooooooo good!

    After the photos from the buffet eveeything else was sinful. Thank you! I wish I was there with you!!!

  2. I completely understand what you mean about going back in a heartbeat. I feel exactly that same way about Korea. I haven’t been back in year and it’s kinda killing me that it’s going to be at least another year (if not longer) before I have the chance to go back. I’m so glad you had a great time! I hope you’ll get to go back soon. ^_^

  3. I know I’ve been there twice already, but I really wouldn’t mind going back again. I haven’t tried the pig’s blood cake – I’m more familiar with the pig’s blood cubes, but it’s not my fave either.

    And 臭豆腐! Every Taiwanese I meet derives great enjoyment from the faces I make when made it eat it. I just can’t get use to the smell I guess. Sort of like durians for other people.

    I miss the night markets… and the food… I should drop by again sometime… *checks calender*

    • Ugh, they have pig’s blood cubes as well? Honestly, there are days when I’d like to turn vegetarian so I can avoid pig’s blood or its intestines and liver, etc. But to be a vegetarian while in Taiwan would be unimaginable, since many people there consider meat to be a delicacy.

      Oh man, I love stinky tofu. The stinkier, the better. So. Good. You should visit TW again! Not sure when was the last time you went back, but it keeps changing and it’s turning into a tourist’s paradise.

      I don’t just miss the food and the night markets, I miss everything about the culture and most of all, my family and friends. GOTTA GO BACK NEXT YEAR, FO SHO! 😀

      • Oh yes, pig’s blood cubes was a delicacy in a dish called 粿汁 “kway chap”, but it’s been banned in my country for lack of hygiene in production. Now people go to Malaysia to eat it.

        I was last there in 2006, which means I’m about due to go again, since my first visit was in 2000. When are you going again? Hahahaha… Would be great to see the place with a “local” though, otherwise all I’ll see are the night markets, 五分埔 and 西門町. Yes, I spend lots and lots of money in Taiwan. :p

        • I absolutely love 西門町, and I went there innumerous times as well. Of course you’re supposed to spend lots and lots of money there! It’s Taiwan, a shopaholic’s dream. 🙂

  4. Sooo jealous…my dream vacation has been Italy forever, but now I want to go to South Korea or Taiwan. I want that beef noodle soup and fried stinky tofu! Thanks posting these!

  5. Glad to hear that you had a wonderful time in Taiwan! Yay!

    And the food! The glorious food! WOW.

    Just a note before you read on: my camera’s not that great and alas, I’m not a great photographer.
    Your pictures are awesome. Watchu talkin’ about?

    • I’ve missed you, dear doozy! Please come back to twitter-land soon! 😀

      And yeah, the food’s pretty darn good, which is why we all need to go there together some day!

  6. I was in Taipei last year …So hot !! 40°celcius !! I remember the ice “mango” ..what a pleasure to see it again ( i miss midnight markets!!!)
    I visited the Taipei Zoo (for the little train from It Started with a kiss) and the Miramar mall (for why why love) …i know i’m a drama addict …T_T
    Taiwanese people are so gentle and warm !

    I’m sure you’ll like RoTo last episodes (and not only for our hottie Jung Gyu Woon !)

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