If only life was as simple as Mr. Simple

Helloooooo, boys!

I can’t say I love this group’s latest fashion trend, nor do I love this latest single and its MV. However, I’m just glad that they’re back, hotter than ever. Literally. Some may hate ’em, while others love ’em to death. As for myself, I like Super Junior, but I’m not a hardcore fan…usually.

I’ve seen numerous teasers and press conference photos prior to the release of the MV, yet there was still a feeling of satisfaction to see their dancing selves back on stage. I’m sure that when they start performing live on all the weekly music shows, all the ELFs (as Super Junior fans are called), are gonna go crazy.

I’m not particularly fond of this song; it’s honestly a tad annoying. No doubt it will be the latest hit new thang because I don’t deny that it’s catchy, and yet this isn’t something I’d personally like to listen to non-stop on repeat. That said, I will however somehow tolerate the song and continue to watch the MV since I just can’t resist eye-candy when it’s right in front of me. And oh my bunny gawd their dance choreography was sexy and hot.

My only caveat: I miss seeing my Super Junior biases — Hangeng and Henry. Although I know the former isn’t part of the group anymore, and that the latter is only part of Super Junior-M, I still wish I saw them in this MV. Oh well, it was still quite squee-tastic in certain parts.

Would you give the MV a thumbs up, too?


5 thoughts on “If only life was as simple as Mr. Simple

  1. TWO thumbs up! Despite the styling, which I don’t love, and the song, which is not quite my favorite. BUT it’s awesome to see them on stage again. ^_^

  2. The song has been growing on me though it’s no Sorry Sorry. The styling doesn’t bother me (in the MV, don’t get me started on album cover…) but surprisingly I don’t love the dance. I always love their choreography, but I’m not a fan of this. But this is better than no Super Junior and I am so looking forward to seeing them performing on stage and being on variety shows again. I have a soft spot for these boys as they are the ones that got me into K-Pop and thru that I started watching K-dramas. 🙂

    And I miss Han Geng too…

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