OMFG Siwon in Poseidon

Since I haven’t really been following the Kdrama/Kpop scene lately, it came to my attention fairly recently that Super Junior member Choi Siwon has been casted in the-drama-that-I-thought-was-never-going-to-make-it-to-fruition-but-somehow-got-lucky aka Poseidon. And don’t ask me about why my latest posts have been related to Super Junior or Siwon. I dunno, especially since, like I said, I haven’t been updating myself when it comes to Korean entertainment. Plus, Siwon’s not even my SuJu bias in the first place.

Apparently shooting this scene in the rain took hours of work, and it’s reported that Siwon endured through it all, despite feeling a bit under the weather, with a “fighting spirit.” As for his character, I don’t know much besides the fact that he’s playing a member of the special forces police team called Poseidon (hence, the derivation of the drama’s name) alongside fellow castmates Lee Shi Young and Lee Sung Jae.

It seems to me that the drama’s going for a four-in-one-deal by attempting to combine mystery, action, suspense, and romance into one show. Can it be done? Absolutely. Will it be done, though? I have no clue. Regardless of whether the premiere sucks or not, this spoiler photo of Siwon in the rain has somewhat caught my eye. Just a little bit.

The drama will be premiering September 19th, after Myung Wol the Spy wraps up.

News source: Chosun


2 thoughts on “OMFG Siwon in Poseidon

  1. WHAAAAATTT?!? How did I not know these pictures existed?? Okay, Siwon is like everyone’s favorite (when SuJu was on Strong Heart, all the members agreed that he was the most good-looking, ha!), but I can’t resist his dimple, even if Leeteuk is more my style. Still…I’m never one to turn down shirt-plastered-to-abs pictures. Mmmm. ^_^

    I’m so glad you’re back! I’ve missed you.

    • Lol. These just came out yesterday in Korea, which is why you probably haven’t seen ’em yet. Siwon does have this lovable quality about him, I guess. Yet I wouldn’t MINE him because then I would be competing against probably hundreds of millions of fans. Too much competition for me. 😛

      Aww, I’ve missed you too, though I can’t say that I haven’t enjoyed my break away from Kdramas and blogging. ^^”

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