Day 11: Your Favorite Dialogue

And now we enter the more challenging questions in this 30-day Kdrama Challenge. When I say “challenging,” I mean that I’m actually stumped on the next few upcoming questions like, for example, what’s your favorite kiss scene or your favorite ending? Bah. Humbug. I’m going to be losing sleep over these upcoming questions, I just know it.

Side note: My chosen answer to this question is more of an individual monologue than a dialogue, though in this scene, the camera does shift to other characters speaking amongst themselves, though it won’t be included here.

(At a company modeling event from Can You Hear My Heart episode 23, the lights suddenly are turned off when it’s time for the finale showcase. The guests are completely flabbergasted and the entire audience hall is dark for a pregnant moment before someone speaks up, surprising everyone. )

Cha Dong Joo: This isn’t an accident. Please be quiet for a moment. This is the world that I live in. I can’t hear. Due to an accident at age 13, I lost my ability to hear and I couldn’t even hear my own voice. I’m okay… I’m okay because I have someone who tells me like this with her heart: “Dong Joo, you aren’t someone who can’t hear, but a person who sees well.” I’m not a person who can’t hear, but someone who sees well.

I was going to pick a dialogue from You’re Beautiful (the scene where Jeremy sings brokenheartedly to Mi Nam on the bus as a way of confessing his love for her), but changed my mind when this scene from Can You Hear My Heart popped into my mind. Perhaps it’s because I was just watching this earlier today, but his words really got to me. I went from, wow, it’s great that he’s standing up for himself in public and not being threatened by Joon Ha to OMG I LOVE YOU DONG JOO BECAUSE YOU CAN SEE WELL, YES YOU DO. What a pure awesome-sauce scene.

I think this little speech is further proof of why Jang Joon Ha can never be the one who gets the girl in the end–he can’t see well, figuratively speaking of course. Though he has no physical handicaps whatsoever, Joon Ha can only see his life as half-empty rather than half-full. He’s more of a pessimist, and he’s never satisfied with what he already has. Dong Joo is a living antithesis of who Joon Ha represents, with so much heart and optimism it sort of makes the viewer (that would be me) weepy on the inside.

What I loved about Dong Joo’s public announcement is that he isn’t fearful of telling anyone about his deafness anymore. Woo Ri has showed him that one doesn’t necessarily need his ears as long as he has his eyes. Therefore Dong Joo is much more sensitive to others, using his eyes as a substitute for his ears.

It makes him perceptive as well, the better candidate of the two to inherit the company since he judges the world and people around him differently. He looks at their actions, at their every move. Instead of dwelling on the fact that he has this one physical flaw, and that he was one of the (un)lucky few people in the world to have his hearing taken away in an accident, he makes up for it by moving on and working harder. He tries to live normally, given the circumstances, which is how he wins Woo Ri’s heart–and ours.


One thought on “Day 11: Your Favorite Dialogue

  1. Oh, So true. loved this scene to bits, so glad because I always felt Dong Joo was much stronger than Joon Ha.felt sorry for Joon Ha who was always fighting for attention with the Mom who used Joon Ha.
    Great Drama and left me impressed with Kim Jae Won, second time I’m watching him act and changed my mind about him.
    Loved Woo Ri too, actually watched Giant first and saw her there before I continued with CYHMH.

    As to favourite kiss scene, I must say there are not many to choose from, sincerely feel KDrama actressess needs to show their feelings more as they are always so stiff!! So the winner is Coffee Prince, Gong Yoo of course with YEH, Second is Lee Min Ho’s Personal Taste Kiss!!

    Best Ending – Queen of the Game

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