Day 12: Your Favorite Story

I don’t have a particular favorite story, because that’s almost asking me what’s my favorite Korean drama of all time is, but what I do love is when a familiar story-line gets a twist that makes it an unforgettable tale — no, there doesn’t even need to be plot turns for me to love a story. As long as the drama’s story can reach the inner centers of my heart, it becomes a treasure, like a gem. 

Take Playful Kiss as an example, where the story is so ordinary that many viewers tuned out after a few episodes — if they even made it that far. I, on the other hand, adore it to pieces, and am proud to be counted among the few that love it. Not everyone understands why it was good and I don’t expect them to. We all have our own personal tastes. I get that.

As for the synopsis of this said drama, it sounds pretty predictable: an average, not-so-bright, albeit lovable high school girl finds herself, due to unfortunate circumstances, moving in with her crush and his family. Her crush is not only the school’s genius, he’s the epitome of perfection with a face to prove it.(No worries to KHJ fans, he’s not my type.) While living at his house, she continues to like him and he also eventually starts to fall for her.

Objectively speaking, the writing was unspectacular and the editing was an atrocious piece of work. However, all of that aside, it’s a sweet story of how two people that don’t initially seem to be a fitting couple end up together. By the end, they somehow are both two halves of one heart, and so seeing the entire process makes it an enjoyable, fun drama. It’s not mind-blowing or even enlightening; rather, it’s a simple, genuine love story that sneaks up on you when you least expect it.

Just thinking about Playful Kiss makes me smile and rushing off to rewatch a few episodes in between writing this to rekindle my memory.  I love Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo, be it their fights or their cute moments. This drama shall forever remain as one of the highlights in my Kdrama history. It’s not the one favorite story I’ve come across, but in my heart of hearts, it’s one of them.

Random note: To read more about what I think about this drama, feel free to check out my 2010 End-of-the-Year drama reviews.


3 thoughts on “Day 12: Your Favorite Story

  1. I’m the same way. Playful Kiss – I just LOVE the story in general, but the Korean version is what stole my heart 🙂 It’s the reason I got into k=dramas, and in fact, I still watch it almost every few weeks

  2. *unlurking*

    Gahh, I just LOVE KHJ’s smile. I’m not one of his fangirls, but I sure can appreciate a beautiful smile when I see one. PK was my guilty pleasure when it ran, and I watched it for HaNi and SeungJo’s interactions. It’s not my favorite drama, but it was quite a good ride. :))

  3. I’m one of the “others” who couldn’t stand this series: yes, I wussed out somewhere between episodes 7 and 8.

    But now that I think it over, I realize that I couldn’t stand it because it made me feel too much. I feel so much indignation rising in me at Ha Ni, at the atrocious editor (haha), at Baek Seung Jo…right now I’m gritting my teeth, argh.

    It was probably instinctive self-preservation that made me stop subjecting myself to all this indignation, so for the sake of my health I resorted to keeping track of the drama recaps instead. Meheheheheh.

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