YouTube Highlight of the Day: Happy Birthday!!

I feel like this video was made for me, seeing as how September is a special month for personal reasons. (FYI: It’s not my birthday today, though!) This video actually came out a few days ago and I had forgotten to write a post about it. It’s directed and produced by one of my favorite YouTubers ever: Kurt Schneider. He’s absolutely wonderful, and I’ve gushed about him a time or two. I fell in love with this video because I absolutely love some good ol’ classical music. Or just good music. Period. And sometimes it’s good to relax, sit back in my chair, and listen to the sound of some beautiful piano-playing.

The guy who’s playing a birthday arrangement for Kurt is his roommate, Andrew Johnson. He’s truly talented and very creative, evident from the moment his fingers touch that Steinway grand piano. The entire piano medley lasts for about five minutes, and I loved every minute. Check it out because the variation is absolutely amazing!


2 thoughts on “YouTube Highlight of the Day: Happy Birthday!!

  1. I love Kurt! That guy’s really talented too. And yes it’s perfect timing for you. ^-^ Hehehe. I just realized that you changed your layout! Looks nice. =) You have a featured posts thing now too.

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