Park Min Young goes classy for Compagna’s latest collection

I’ll be the first to admit that Park Min Young is stunningly gorgeous, especially in this photo spread for Compagna’s Fall and Winter collection. I think the outfits that she’s wearing is very classy and sophisticated. She’s simply easy on the eyes, with a body I’d kill for. Kinda.

Gotta love everything in this collection. And yeah, I wants the clothes. I wants them! *writes a letter to Santa*

Since Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Park Min Young is probably at the height of her career. She wrapped up City Hunter with Korean heartthrob and now-boyfriend Lee Min Ho, and is already working on her next project with Chun Jung Myung. (Squee! PIE! God, I really need to finish The Duo as well.)

Both Park and Chun have just finished their script reading with other cast members for upcoming drama Man of Honor/Glorious Jane. The drama is set to air on October 21st, after The Princess’ Man wraps up.

While we wait for that to air, feel free to drool over these shots of Park Min Young. The photos are breathtaking, no?



News and Photos Source: Naver


3 thoughts on “Park Min Young goes classy for Compagna’s latest collection

  1. Lovely. At least we can all be consoled that Lee Min-ho wasn’t stolen from our adoring grasps by some ugly old ahjumma. Not that I would begrudge him true love if that’s who he found it with…but at least he and Park Min-young look so pretty together.

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