Rain to enlist for the military

Annnndddd here goes another one!

29-year-old Singer-actor-Hallyu star Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) has announced on his official website earlier today that he shall be enlisting for his mandatory military service come October 11th. This news doesn’t really come as a surprise, since there has been much speculation as to when he would join for many months now. 

In his announcement, he thanked his fans for helping him to fulfill many of his dreams during his 10-year career, and for their constant support and love. He also promised to work hard in service to his country, even apologizing for enlisting so late.

His last acting role was in last year’s drama Runaway: Plan B, and his movie Ninja Assassin brought him to the big screens around the world. Rain has been touring the country with his “The Best Show” concert, and will be wrapping that up in the upcoming week. He’ll be receiving basic military training first, before entering active duty.

See ya in two years, Rain! I think I’ll be sad to see all that good hair go to a buzz –just like when Hyun Bin had to shave his head for military, too–but it certainly won’t be long before he’s back.

News sources: Naver and Soompi


3 thoughts on “Rain to enlist for the military

    • Hahaha yeah. Even though I don’t love him as much as I did before, he’ll still hold a special place in my heart, I suppose. Oh God, I remember I used to be so obsessed with him years ago. And now, I sort of think he’s overrated.

      • Haha, say hi to used-to-be-crazy-fan-of-Rain ripgal! I used to be so crazily and madly in love with him back then, that even my friends gave up on me. I was anything and everything Bi Bi Bi.. hehehe..

        Guess age caught up and I’m just so over the bling already. haha..

        But I’m gonna miss him for sure. Then I thought he was exempted, I’m glad he chose to do it. 🙂

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