Check out Wang Leehom’s 依然愛你 Still In Love With You MV

Earlier I announced on this blog that YouTube stars Wong Fu Productions were invited to film Wang Leehom‘s music video in Taiwan. Well, the MV was officially released today and many fans of both Wong Fu and Leehom have already started commenting on YouTube about how much they love it.

And I have to say that I absolutely agree with them. There’s something so simple, albeit beautiful about this music video that truly touches upon the main message of the song — continuing to love someone even though the relationship is already over.

It’s about a guy who still loves his ex-girlfriend, and the MV shows the story about how their relationship started, to their break-up, and finally, to the present, where they stumble upon each other by chance. Even though they’ve already broken up for years and he’s met other people, which is mentioned in the song, he still loves her and can’t seem to move on.

In this MV, Wong Fu did an excellent job of creating a film collage by using the old-school electronic calendar as a way to showcase up to four different scenes at once, yet those various scenes comprised of a bigger picture. The song itself is lovely and emotional, but with the MV, it’s perfect. I love it! Yay for Wong Fu and Wang Leehom!

(If, due to copyright reasons, the video can’t be embedded in this post, watch the MV here.)


3 thoughts on “Check out Wang Leehom’s 依然愛你 Still In Love With You MV

  1. I do like their style, it’s always simple but very beautiful. I don’t understand Chinese – just “love you” every once in a while – but I thought that the mv fit the tone of the song very well.

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