Dodo, where have you been?

For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter, I know I’ve been MIA in the world of blogging and Kdramas for a while now. But then again, many of you could probably care less. After all, there’s an abundant lot of fantastic Kdrama bloggers out there that are so much more consistent in their blogging than me — and better writers, too. (Side note: I’m so happy to see that many of them have become full-blown websites as well. Congrats, y’all! Squeeeeee!)

So anyway, back to the question of this blog post…

I don’t really know what happened to me. All I know is that one day, I woke up and didn’t feel like blogging anymore, much less watch any dramas. I became apathetic so it was difficult for me to blog when I lost that desire to write. Instead, I focused on other things besides dramas like [insert a fun activity here]. In fact, sometimes I did nothing meaningful at all and still had fun.

Then when I tried to get back to blogging, I just couldn’t. I would start writing and then not finish my posts. One day became two, two became three, and before I knew what was happening, weeks were going by and I couldn’t write.

I became frustrated with myself. It was like damn it, fingers, why won’t you write something now! *pulls hair out* This went on for quite a while.

Finally, I gave up. I admitted that I had writer’s block.  So I said to myself, girl, just enjoy your life and when one day you feel like blogging again, you’ll come back to it.  So I listened to my subconscious and did just that. I didn’t want to blog for the sake of blogging — like I was supposed to blog as if I were completing a daily homework assignment — but I wanted to return to those days when blogging was a fun outlet for me to write down my crazy, jumbled thoughts. I mean, what’s blogging without having fun? The two must go hand-in-hand or there’s really no point, right?

When I made that decision, I felt this burden completely lifted off from my shoulders. After that, I didn’t really bother to check my own site for almost a month. Until today. When I finally looked at the site stats, I was shocked to see that there was still quite a number of you following up with DBJ.

To be perfectly honest with you, it sort of freaked me out. No really, I freaked out. As in, I had to pinch myself. Realization of the day: I have readers. Oh, sh–.

Or maybe just trollers.

Honestly, to those of you who’ve been keeping up with this blog for God knows why, thank you. Seriously. Thank you. And to those of you who haven’t been keeping up with DBJ, I want to say thanks, too. The less readers, the better. I’m sort of serious on that one. I’d rather have a few people reading my thoughts than a lot. I’m a dodo, and dodos like me don’t like too much company, y’know.

Now having said that, am I back for reals now?

Yes… and no. Let’s just say that I’m putting dramas and blogging aside for when I have time, for when I want to watch and write. Plus, I’m also concentrating on pursuing a higher education at the moment, which is really important to me. Still, that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss blogging, chatting with fellow Kdrama addicts, or watching Kdramas. I do, I miss you all and I miss this world! In fact, I still talk about dramas a lot — and I mean it when I say a lot — in my daily life, even though I’m so behind on current news.

Despite sometimes getting a sense of self-given pressure to get back into dramas and blogging on a much more consistent level, I remember the advice of a dear Kdrama blogger, who told me to “just enjoy your life now because time flies so quickly. You can always come back to dramas and join the online discussions, but real life sometimes can’t wait.”

In other words, quoting another fellow drama friend:

And I say, damn right it is!

*runs off to make coffee*


8 thoughts on “Dodo, where have you been?

  1. Well said my dear. Do what you need to do, do what you love, and KDramas/Blogging can always be put on hold. Put in the vault for the next holiday break, and it will be worth it. We’ll always be here waiting when you come back.

    Or I’ll just call you or drive over where you are 🙂

    • Omg unni, don’t get me all teary-eyed! You are so supportive of me and I just love you, I do! Thanks so much for being so encouraging with just about everything, be it school or random crap. And yes, I love that there really is no boundary between online and RL anymore and that you’re just a phone call away. Can’t wait to see you again!

  2. What a cute CUTE post! Haha I especially love all the gifs you inputted. Even though I never know what you’re writing [being an un-avid Kdrama-er myself], I do enjoy reading your adorables personality through your writing. ^-^ Of course I get a privileged dosage as bestie, but still]. Hahaha. No worries. Enjoy college! It only comes once and it’s quite a fun ride. ❤

    • Haha thanks, hon. I think my online writing personality is an interesting mix of sarcasm and randomness, so perhaps that comes off as cute. Heehee.

      Thanks, I will enjoy my time here and will cherish each moment.

  3. I think you’ll notice that for the last month and a half, with the exception of my post about TPM, all I’ve written about is music. Which basically consists of embedding some YouTube videos and finding a picture to head the post. So I feel ya there. But I am happy to see you back. ^__^

    • Hey, there’s nothing wrong with posting about YouTube videos! I do the same in my spare time as well. 🙂

      Heh. Not sure if I’m back back but I hope so. At least I can write again is all I’m sayin’. For a while, I couldn’t write at all and that made me sad. But it’s all good now so yays!

    • I’m so bad at replying to comments, it’s not even funny.

      Thanks for following my bloggy when you can, jie jie! I really love reading your comments, which are so encouraging and thoughtful. Love you! Hope to see you soon. ❤

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