Shin Mina without makeup for Rag & Bone’s DIY Project

Who needs makeup when you can look beautiful without it? Just take a look at Shin Mina (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho), for example. This girl’s absolutely gorgeous in this photo shoot for Rag & Bone.

A couple days ago, fashion brand Rag and Bone released photos on their website of Shin Mina participating in their Do It Yourself (DIY) project. The project involves gathering some of the top models around the world and shooting them without makeup or a stylist. On top of it all, the girls are all shot wearing Rag & Bone jeans in natural light, without any special lighting whatsoever. Some of the top models include Miranda Kerr and Lily Alderidge, both of whom are famous for being Victoria’s Secret models.

Like the seven models involved with the DIY project before her, Shin Mina was asked to model the Rag & Bone jeans using her own creativity that would showcase her individual personality. All the photos were shot raw in her hotel and at a beach in Busan, Korea. When asked about her experience with this photo shoot, she said, “I have never laughed and smiled in front of the camera like that.” Some of her best friends helped her with the shoot, which included brainstorming about ideas and filming. Since the people that Shin Mina worked with were people she knew well, they were able to work as a team to produce a result that she was quite happy with.

I’ve always been rather found of Shin Mina, even more so after she played the role of a gumiho with heartthrob cutie Lee Seung Gi. I think she’s got this adorable personality, one that lights up a room, yet she’s also one of those do-not-mess-with kind of girls. I’m excited to see her in more upcoming projects and look forward to see what kind of role she’ll be playing next.

I really enjoyed this shoot. It was simple, concept-wise, but somehow through the simplicity, elegance still shown through. Or maybe it was just all Shin Mina. And without the makeup, she’s just naturally beautiful.

For more photos of Shin Mina in Rag & Bone’s DIY project, check out their official website.

News and photo credits: Rag & Bone + Soompi


4 thoughts on “Shin Mina without makeup for Rag & Bone’s DIY Project

  1. I don’t remember her having much makeup on even in the drama, or at least eye makeup. I’m sure she did have some on. But anyways, she was so adorbs in Gumiho. ^0^

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