Lee Min Jung channels sexy and chic for “Singles”

Is it just me, or does Lee Min Jung get prettier each year?

I remember back in 2009 — when she was in Boys Before Flowers — I thought that she was really annoying and unattractive. But I guess that’s why first impressions aren’t always reliable. Also, I was younger and more foolish back then. Since then, she’s really grown on me as an actress and now I’m quite fond of her. I think she’s matured especially over the past two years, and it’s shown through her acting and in these stills.  

I love the smokey, dark makeup she’s wearing for her concept — a woman after a painful breakup. Except, I totally don’t think it was necessarily that bad of a breakup, since she’s looking so smokin’ hot as a single woman. Oy, duh! This is, after all, for the “Singles” magazine… *smacks forehead*

All of these captivating photos were shot in cities around Los Angeles, California. Even though Lee was apparently down with a cold, she didn’t let her sickness stop her from acting unprofessional on set, and instead was able to showcase her charm throughout the shoot. By staying cheerful on set even though she was miserable with a cold, she earned praise and brownie points from the crew. Aw, cute.

Lee is currently busy promoting her next film, Wonderful Radio, which comes out in theaters next month. Doesn’t she channel a subtle seductiveness in some of these shots? Or maybe it’s just me.

Below are some of the shots from the same photo shoot that were released a month ago:

Photo and News Source: Naver


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