Rising child actress Kim Hyun Soo interviews with 10Asia


I’ve recently discovered another talented child actress through the latest controversial hit movie, The Crucible, which many of you have probably heard because it stars a certain Coffee Prince hottie. She plays Yeon Doo, one of the deaf students that becomes entangled in a court case against the school’s principal and teachers, after it’s been discovered that she and a few other students have been violently mistreated.

I watched it in theaters with a few of my friends last weekend and unexpectedly, came out of the experience a changed dodo. More of my thoughts to come later. Sometime.

Don’t underestimate her just ’cause she’s 11. She’s already worked with some of my favorite actors in the industry, including Gong Yoo and Song Joong Ki. You can find her featured on both the big screen and small screen —  in the SBS drama Tree With Deep Roots and the movie The Crucible. That’s not all! She’ll also soon be appearing in MBC’s High Kick 3 as well.

Check out her adorable photos taken with 10Asia below and read her short interview with them here.


Photo Credits: 10Asia



5 thoughts on “Rising child actress Kim Hyun Soo interviews with 10Asia

  1. She is such a cutie…thnx for sharing….totally didn’t recognize her in TWDR…also I understand that you dont want to talk abt the crucible yet..i don’t want to yet either…*sniffle*

    • Aw, so you watched The Crucible too? There, there. *hands a tissue over*

      I don’t know what I was expecting when I watched it a few days ago, but it was definitely not a movie I would’ve thought would change my life. A post is in the works, but just writing about it makes me relive through a few scenes… *grabs tissue for myself*

  2. She so cute.. I recognize she act young mok dan in korean drama called “bridal mask” .
    She also act My Love from the Star “young Song yi”. I am already collecting her photo..

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